Friday, April 28, 2017

Week In The Life 2017: Review

Howdy hey, Howdy ho! The last time I was posting a blog post it was about week in the life 3 long years of no blogging!!!! What the heck?! I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things. We have moved rooms around several times over the last 3 years and I finally have my computer in a place where I feel like I can write. I've decided blogging is like therapy and easier to type it all out than to hand write in a journal.

Anyway-on to the point of this blog post. I participated in Ali Edwards WITL 2017 project. I haven't participated in a few years. I also did not blog every evening, which was my intentions but my computer was in limbo. So here I am a week AFTER the project is finished. I came home tonight and started working on my words, my album and my pictures. I decided to do like Ali did-I typed my all up on the same format. Luckily I had kept a handwritten journal for most of the week. It was fairly easy for me to just type them all up. I made a title page or a "We Are" page. I really like how it turned out too. My next step is to cut them all down from the 8.5x11 cardstock sheet, punch holes in them and stick them into my album.

My pictures-I don't have an at home printer so I had to upload them to my computer, and see what I had to work with. I also do not have photoshop or anything my pictures are what you see is what you get. I did use a pic collage on my phone to make some 3x4 size pictures. I didn't do any full size 6x8 pictures this time. I needed simple and what I know how to work with. My life is super crazy and chaotic and I need S.I.M.P.L.E. That's ok. It works for me. I just used Wal-Mart. I can pick them up tomorrow and hopefully get my album put together on Sunday afternoon or possibly on Saturday night.

My album-I really wanted Ali's WITL album kit. I have coveted it for a few weeks....but I cannot justify it right now. So, I had a SN@P album I had gotten from a secret sister with some inserts and I am re-purposing this album and inserts. It works for me. Ali is always saying "do what works for you. What works for me might not work for you." So, I ended up taking that to heart. I wanted to do this project so now the only thing I have to purchase is my photos and even those are not super expensive. I got resourceful. Do what works for you and your resources. If you don't have the money to purchase a special album or inserts or any fancy new supplies then make what you have on hand work. It's OKAY.

Here are a few pictures from my week. I will post about my album as I work on it. Let's face it, the reality of me getting it done in one or even 2 days is not likely. Especially when my Saturday is full of soccer games and a birthday party for one special little girl in our house. Again-it's ok. I will get it done. It will be complete. I will feel accomplished.

Happy weekend everybody! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week In The Life Day 5, 6 &7

Ok so I will have to lump the weekend together! It was CRAZY!!! But I enjoyed it so much! I sit here to reflect the last 3 days of this project I'm reminded how much I love this crazy, beautiful life and how much I want to soak it all up. Every. Single. Moment. My kids will grow way to fast and life will change on us as it is supposed to.  We will all change and grow with the seasons of life and I want to document and savor all of it. I want to use my camera more. I want to be "in the moment" more.  I want to say "yes" more. I want to DO things with my kids more.  Even if its just grabbing some coloring books and crayons on a Saturday morning and cuddled together on the couch to read a book in the evenings. I don't want to miss any of it. I want to look back on my life and say "I was there. I lived it." I want my children to say "my mom was involved and she spent time with me."  The most precious gift we can give a loved one.  Will I be successful? Time will only tell but it is my intention to be more purposeful and to engage every day. I don't want my kids to say "mom was at the computer, on her phone or on facebook all the time." So if you notice me MIA every once in a while that will be why! This is what I have learned from this project and I am excited to get it all together! Here are pictures from the weekend.

Last day of Red Ribbon Week was spirit day and it was COLD!

Ha I'm not sure what they were doing but they are cute

He was protesting pictures with sissy even though I dressed him in spirit clothes!

Halloween is for parties at school! We had an ice cream bar and it was super easy and fun!

happy girl even though she was sick! Later in the day we went to the doc! 

That is one proud big sister and she is the BEST big sister I could ever ask for the littles. 

I'd like to introduce Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff! 

We had a friend that was Anna! LOVE this group of kids!

Saturday morning and my Good morning cup was dirty....

So I washed it b/c it's my favorite. Cuddled up in pjs and my favorite zebra throw blanket my mama got me last year for Christmas. 

An impromptu road trip to grandma and grandpas resulted in help cooking supper!

And a little boy and his grandpa b/c nobody else would play with him!

Showers and snuggles on grandma's bed while the razorbacks were playing!

Sunday at home...I love this girl! I love that she is developing a love of art and scrapbooking. 

It was COLD this weekend so we made hot chocolate! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Week In The Life: Day 4

Day 4 was BUSY! So busy I did not take any photos after about 10am.  I took a few of our morning routine and I took my littlest one out for a photo shoot for her 6 month pictures and that was IT! No more! So I am giving myself the OK and the grace to let it go and start again tomorrow. Tomorrow is super busy also with Halloween! Hope everyone has a safe and fun night!

Morning breakfast with my big girl. 

I remember being a little sad that my little man can now dress himself all I have to do is lay out his clothes.  I know this is part of life and I'm glad he is growing but I can still be sad. 

the girls were snuggling...this is usually a morning routine also when we are not running behind. 

I put dinner in the crockpot b/c I knew it was going to be a busy afternoon and we had a soccer game. 

Camo day at school for red ribbon week...

she asked him to take a pic with her and he did which is highly unusual 

my 6 month old baby! The cutest pumpkin in the patch!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week In The Life: Day 3

Slow and steady.....I had 33 photos from my camera today and several on my phone but I had a sick baby today :( So there was lots of snuggling going on.  I did manage to capture some things going on around I was inspired to do by Ali Edwards. She amazes me every day at her thought process b/c there are tons of things I never think to the leaves changing and falling....yes they are beautiful and its my most favorite time of the how many times have I stopped in my tracks to take a picture? Or thought to take my camera with me to capture something I drive past every single day and see the pure beauty in? Never. Until today! I always think about what a beautiful place I live in and how pretty the seasons are but I never stop to breathe it all in and capture it and document so my kids can look back and really SEE where they grew up....not just remember but SEE. I'm learning a lot this week.

breakfast this morning...cinnamon rolls just sounded good. with coffee of course: looks like that cup was almost empty though 

Savannah's closet as of now. (in serious need of organization) 

J and G at the table this morning, having conversations before school 

Ok now we're talking! There is the refill: I needed to change into a to go cup b/c we had a bad night and that coffee had to travel with me to school drop off! 

In S's room all day long while she is at school. You can find him here almost every single day all day until she comes back home. 

Me: On the phone with my mom for almost 2 WHOLE hours! Not even sure what all we talked about but it was long overdue! 

Bright tree in my neighborhood. 

Leaves changing and falling in my yard! 

Pumpkins we got at the patch over the weekend....I actually just love this picture I somehow managed to get.  I am LOVING playing with my camera angles this week! 

Leave me a comment of your week and I'll drop by and give you some love! (leave me some too!) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 2-WITL....or better known as Week In The Life

Well I'm still doing it on day 2 of WITL with Ali Edwards....she is SERIOUSLY inspiring! Anyway I knew that today I would not take as many photos....which is possibly why I did NOT b/c I had already psyched myself out.....hmmmm....there's a thought. I did take 63 though.

I left the house a few times without my camera! grrrr....I did capture some things on my phone but I have not yet learned how to get the pics from my phone to my I have to order from my phone for those pics. BLAH! I did try to be more purposeful....I used the timer on my camera a TON and I never seem to do that AND I put myself in several photos with my coffee, cooking, my kids...I doubt I share those particular photos online though but they will be in my book b/c I'm never on the other side of the lens.

Pouring coffee....b/c it's what I do every. single. morning. BEFORE I can do anything else. 

this is my driving to school makeup, hair not done, lounge clothes. And it looks DARK but that's because it was raining. We got up to thunder....very dreary day here

see proof! it was 7:44 a.m. 

she is the hardest baby I've had trying to get to eat from a spoon.  I have tried several different types of spoons and shapes. I'm open to suggestions....and I'm just going to chalk it up to lazy! 

this is blurry but it's the only one I had of just HIM. Day 2 of soccer.  I love him. He is really starting to come into his own. 

Wheel of's a favorite nightime show for us...better known as "puzzles" around our house. It's good for their spelling and letter recognition! (see I'm schooling them without them knowing it!)

I LOVE this. He was scared and I wasn't in bed yet so sissy told him he could lay with her! She was very compassionate with him...which at night is rare b/c everyone is tired and everyone needs their own space. :D 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the Life Day:1

I am following along with Ali Edwards in a Week In the Life 2014! I did this project a few times but it's been a few years and decided this year was perfect to play along! I will say it has pushed me back into using my DSLR which I am thrilled with! I usually just use my camera phone but I have had my canon out all day long. I have carried it, set it on the counter with the timer, etc....I'm excited to see what the week holds.  It is not a typical week for us though b/c it's halloween with LOTS of festivities and LOTS of makeup soccer games to finish the season this week...but I will be excited to see what we are doing.

When I uploaded my pics from my camera I was just shy of 100 photos for day 1! WOW! I was impressed and I will not be depressed if I don't even get close to that the rest of the week! I'm usually gung ho on day 1 and then fizzle towards the end! I got a variety and I actually tried not to edit ANY of them b/c I want it in the REAL HERE AND NOW!

Here is the link to Ali's post for today! Come play along! Here are a few photos from my day! Happy Week In The Life!

This lil cutie woke up at 5am....I was not ready for it! 

It's PUMPKIN season and this is my FAVORITE coffee cup right now b/c it's big and it's just the perfect mug! 

Not sure what's up with this face but it was Pajama day at school for Red Ribbon week! :D 

These two were snuggly today after Jackson got out of preschool. He said, "mom she wants to hold me!" So I let him hold her. 

Dinner at the table....burger king because it was 7:45 when we were finally headed home for the night and I was EXHAUSTED. 

I hope you had a great first day! Leave me a link in the comments and I will come check out our day!