Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Best Gift Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone! 14 days until Christmas are you ready? We are here at the stout house! So excited! Anyway, there is a new challenge over at the noel blog....check it out! She is giving away not 1 but 2 of these beauties!!!! Yowza! I'm so excited!!!!! :D I drew inspiration from two people for my layout the first is Leah on the design team....she scrapped an item she got a while ago but had never scrapped....that's what I decided to do.  The other inspiration is from my all time FAVORITE scrapper Virginia.... she used the Dear Diary Kit (hurry only 1 left).  I have not had any time to scrap with it yet so I used mostly stuff from paper is bo bunny flutter butter willow....LOVE that green! And then I just used brown cardstock to back mat my picture.

I took a pink glitter pen and doodled on my them! Brown thickers from Dear Diary.

I LOVE the dimension on these flowers! To die for! :D Also from Dear Diary!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily: Day 4

Today we spent the day planning and preparing....planning some christmas activities we want to do this season and that I especially want to do with my kiddos and my gma! The preparing was preparing to rearrange my living room and try to open up the space.  Other than that we just kinda hung out until dark.  My gma and I took the kids to the Christmas Light Parade and it was so much fun! We froze our buns off but I LOVED it and so did the kiddos and my gma.  Jackson was in awe at the firetrucks....good thing there wasn't a fire in the surrounding 3 counties....EVERY single firetruck was in the parade! Anyway-I am going to try and get caught up on my blog posts today and post day 5 also.....but for is day 4!

For not doing too much I sure had a lot of pages for day 4! :D That's ok...I am loving this documentation!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily: Day 3

Day 3 ended up being a busy day.  I only documented savannah wearing her christmas t shirt for the first time and after an afternoon of shopping and such we discovered fried peanut butter sandwiches! Yummy! :D

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Daily: Day 2

I think the most work of this album is taking pictures every day of what I did to my actual album.  The documenting and decorating of the album itself is easy peasy....Oh's 25 days right? We can do anything for 25 days! Without further is day 2 in my december daily:

We mainly just lounged and hung out today! We were recovering from our long trip! Phew...glad that's over with!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Daily: Day 1

Happy December Days! WOW! Where has the year gone? Holy cow I can't believe it's almost Christmas.  Anyway, as I have posted before I am participating in the December Daily with Ali Edwards and on the website in the message board! (sorry I didn't link those....i'm exhausted from my trip and just plain lazy at this point.) Which also explains my not so creativity on day 1, however I did not want to fall behind in posting.....I may post day 2 and 3 tomorrow night. Here is day 1:

I am so happy this is my first year to participate in this! I had no idea this concept even existed and we picked up my gma this week in new mexico to come spend christmas with us....what a way to kick off the month and a GREAT way to document memories while she is here!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Total Slacker/ December Daily Update

Good morning! Ok so I have been a TOTAL slacker these days on the blog front.  I have been so super busy with so many things it's not even funny.  We have been trying to get our house ready for when my grandma comes and I am trying to PURGE and get rid of crap that we don't need, use or want because we have a fairly small house and LOTS of stuff....ugh.  Anyway, this morning I am sitting in the dark, in the quiet just enjoying the internet! Ahhhh.....and my coffee has just finished.  Be right back.......ahhhh, love it! I love my family and all the excitement and busyness they bring....and I also enjoy the quiet moments to myself!

We have been busy here decorating for christmas, yes I know it's early but it seems like Christmas comes and goes way to fast and it is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year! So, since I decorate with fall decorations in September and enjoy them until after Halloween I have decided the past few years to go ahead and decorate for Christmas in mid works for us (or for me which means it works for everyone else too).

I have also managed to get my hubby to take a family picture earlier in the month...went to a professional had them....first time in 4 years!!!!! So I bought LOTS of pictures well not really but I bought the big nice expensive we added some new pictures to the walls yesterday and I got most of my christmas cards addressed and filled and ready to go out.  They will be on their merry way on Friday! :D I am a happy girl!

Among all the chaos I have managed to get ALL my shopping DONE and most of it wrapped and those cards almost finished! I don't think I have been this organized or ahead of the game in YEARS!

Ok-so now....I have also worked on the december daily with ali edwards.  And I have been participating in the form at noel's about logging our daily albums and sharing them.  I could not justify spending any more money when I had tons of stuff on hand.  So I just made my own template, the main sheet in Ali's album for pictures, journalling or whatever.  Then I added patterned paper between every day to do whatever I want to it because I did not have the transparnecies that Ali had either.  I have also found I don't wanna decorate mine before hand.  I think it will take a little more time each day but I like to add that special touch and embellies that match whatever we did or maybe didn't do that day. So I have my base pages done and all my supplies gathered into one container, a new ink cartridge in my photo printer so I can print daily and I am ready to go! I am super excited! This is the first year I am doing this, it's my favorite time of year and my grandma will be here the whole month (and more) but for this project I just think it's special because I will be documenting all the memories we make and I will have them! :D

Here are a few pictures:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Well over at the elles studio blog she does a thankful thursday.  Such a simple concept...why didn't we all think of that? It really makes you take time to appreciate the things and people around you....or it did me. I love this idea! I am thankful for such freedom! I love the usa, I love being an american, I love having the freedom to do so many things and I am truly grateful for it! There are so many people in so many places that just do not have the freedoms we do and I am really thankful I do. :D

Have a great Thursday evening!

Muffins and Piles

So I was hanging out with my kiddos yesterday...which by the way I thoroughly enjoyed, I do everyday but there was just something different about yestserday.  Minus the part about Jackson teething he was so whiny all day! Anyway, I typically make my gma's banana nut bread a coupld of times in the fall, yesterday was no exception.  However, I decided to make these instead:
Muffins! YUM-O

Even Jackson enjoyed them!
Then I was sitting there....I glanced over and saw this picture packets.  This is what they look like spread out:

And this is what they look like when I stack them all up! I would say that I am B-E-H-I-N-D on scrapbooking! I actually thought I was pretty on top of everything.....not so much! The sad thing is I have more pictures supposed to arrive at my house on Tuesday next week.....I have got to find time to do some scrapping!

Now this is a picture of all the pages I have done, that have to be placed into an album.....oh wait....I'm outta albums too! Can you guess what's on my christmas list! (besides grown up alone girl time)....ALBUMS! And Ms. Noel....I specifically told my hubby and my mom they can purchase gift certificates from your website!

Anyway-that's what we had yesterday, muffins and piles of pictures and pages! Oh by the way...that was just pictures and pages within reach! And to think I keep adding stuff to my wonder I'm exhausted all the time! Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Executive File System

So I was inspired by this by ms. virginia tillery! She keeps a file system with daily routines to help her keep track of day to day tasks.....SOOOOO what I needed! THANK YOU MS. V! It has taken me forever to find a container....her's was from the dollar bin at Target....which I looked for and couldn't find so instead I got this one at the dollar bin at target:

Tied some ribbon around it and used an embellishment from the sweet sue kit:

Then I used patterned paper....sorry I don't remember where the bird paper on this first one is by but I LOVE it and want more! I used lots of October Afternoon papers, added some embellies to the top of each day to help thumb through the day.

I'm hoping this helps me remember things better. I have not completely finished this but pretty much. I keep wanting to add things and then remind myself the purpose is for pretty papers (accomplished) and simplicity (done). 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Same Color Challenge

So here I am again.....after time passes by! I'm not very good at this blogging/daily upkeep thing! I'm really trying, just not as successful as I would like. So today I would like to share with all of you a layout I did for the latest challenge at noel. The new challenge that runs through November 5th I think...don't hold me to that one is about using the same color throughout your layout. I thought this would be easy peasy especially since I had ordered the back to basics limited edition kit....which has sat in my hallway for about 2 weeks completely UNTOUCHED.....GASP....I know right! Not fun! I just could not manage to get any time in to use this kit

sorry the picture color and quality is not very good....not sure what was going on there.....and it is JAM PACKED! As are all of noel's kits!

So now I can't figure out this weird alignment....ok so back on task it was not easy because I LOVE this kit and it's not just black and white it's black & white, cream, a little red, and browns. Well I wanted to keep it all black and white so I did....I also tried to do Virginia's challenge about getting all my favorite things out and just putting them on the page.....I couldn't use all my favorite things...they didn't match! Boo! Hahahaa! Ok so without further adu: sorry about the weird coloring! Maybe I should change the light bulbs in my dining room! Leave a comment and tell me what you think! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This woman! The Bravest I know

So frustrating! I had a long blog on here and then it didn't post....GRRRRR! Anyway-over on the Lisa Leonard blog she is doing a giveaway of the Brave necklace.  If you have not checked out her stuff you need to! She is AMAZING! LOVE her fact some of her stuff is on my christmas wish list! So today the bravest person I know is This Woman:

Look at her! Standing, smiling and full of life! Just days before this photo op she was near death, no kidding.  The doc had told her the day before this pic it was a good thing she had been brought in to the hospital.  She was completely dehydrated which stems from a previous surgery she had gone through earlier in the week.  This is my granny....Wennette Jone....she is the bravest person I know because in her lifetime she has lost her mother, her husband, fought and won through breast cancer, cervical cancer, 2 heartattacks, 3 stints, mini strokes on a daily basis and I'm sure much much more...I know back in 95 she was on dialysis for another near death experience.  The woman's resilience is AMAZING and she is a FIGHTER! I don't know that I would be a fighter if I were her!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TV Title Challenge: Happy Days

The latest challenge at the noel challenge blog which you can find by going through noel's main webpage.  We were to choose a tv title and this was fun! I came up with a list of titles I am dying to scrap with and I got a notebook to jot them all down with.  I did this layout while taking care of my gma.  Got a call over the weekend she went to the er and I loaded up and came out here....I threw my bag, my schoolwork and a few scrappin items...which I quickly found out that all my embellies are at home! So I had to work with just a few's a simple layout but I LOVE it...because they are truly what makes my days happy! :D

Friday, October 1, 2010


So I've been blog searching, reading, admiring and I've also found some great inspiration on noels message board and it's had me doing some re-evaluations of myself.  The first thought that got triggered was when I was reading meg's blog about her current birthday.  She set goals for herself last year on her birthday to work on throughout the year.  As I was reading her list I realized I've never made a list or even really set a goal on paper! Sheesh! Then I was on the message board and saw where ms. virginia made a goal poster on a that's where I've been going goals! How sad is that? So, needless to say I am currently working on what my list will be.....I have 7 months until my next birthday and it is a BIGGIE and I am NOT excited about.  So I supposed one of my goals will be to embrace the change. Anyway-wanted to update you all on the current thoughts of my head and check back to see what's on the list/goal poster! :D
I just LOVE this picture! :D It makes me smile!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boo Wall Hanging

CAUTION: Long post! Can't say I didn't warn you! :D

So yesterday just started out as a bummed day! I got the letter that my financial aid appeal had been denied....BOO....said I was not a degree seeking student...really? did you read my degree part of my transcript? Anyway, their decision is final and there is no more appealing or fighting it. Grrrr.....then I was just upset about a lot of other things.  I got on the message board over at noels website and vented and got LOTS and lots of hugs and encourgament from the girls there! Thank you! It was much needed.  When I picked Savannah up from school her teacher was even jumping up and down, she has learned to write her name all by herself and wrote it on all of her papers yesterday! (we had a homework assignment over the weekend to do so and we did).  Not sure if she is the only one that did or what but her teacher and her were beaming when I picked her up. (insert smile here) So, I told her after lunch and naps we would get ice cream. 

In the mean time we all took naps and then I literally stalked the mail man! Like, had my windows open, door open and was standing in front of the window everytime I heard a car.....what was I waiting for you ask? The new SLEEPY HOLLOW KIT from noel of course! (sorry they are all sold out! I think they sold out the first day).  Anyway, I have been DROOLING over this kit every time she did sneaks on facebook or the message board, then again when the full reveal came out and again when the famous ms. virginia tillery did her video reveal...oh my gosh!!!!!!! Now, I am not typically one to be so excited about halloween but there is just a buzz in the air about it and I decided to embrace it and jump on the band wagon! (maybe because I have little people now.) Anywho! I opened my kit yesterday.....O-M-GOSH! I LOVE every single item in the kit!!!!!! WOW! Noel-FANTASTIC job! I usually hoard stuff I love to save for a rainy day but I have been trying not to do that and just use it....that's what I got it for right? Anyway-I only have 2 kiddos so there's only so many layouts you can do with ghosts and goblins and witches.....of course the papers are all double sided so they can be used for other things.....ok...back on I made a wall hanging because I just cannot force myself to wait for halloween pictures....thus the purpose of this post.  So without further ado.....

I used papers from making memories toil and trouble and other parts of papers....can't remember the manufacturer...sorry...embellishments from pink paislee, making memories, we r memory keepers, and probably others....i used some ink that noel had put in there from that thing! I also spritzed the bingo card(from jenni bowlin) with some mud pie shimmerz....LOVED that! I really got brave with this and thought outside my box! I think I have a new addiction....halloween decor! :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

All about Me!

There is a new challenge at the noel mignon challenge blog.  She challenged everyone to scrap their style.  What is my style? I have no idea really! I know that I like pretty papers....and getting some pretty papers usually just makes me smile! I love BLING! I usually scrap with ribbon, rubons, brads, buttons and some letters.  I have recently tried to do things that are not me at all for submissions and challenges and they just turn out bad! So when I saw this challenge today it reminded me that I do have to be ME and reminded me of the reason I started scrapping to begin with.  To document our lives as a family so we can look back at our journey and see where we started, where we've been and sometimes where we are going.  I hope you all enjoy the layout! The sassafras paper, hambly rubons and the big flower and the may tag are all from the sweet sue kit, the flowers, bling, letters are from my stash.  I also tried a new technique on this one and that was matting my letters first! I got the idea from virginia and brit....sorry brit I don't know your link.  I have a new favorite thing to do! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

NoelMignon Challenge

I decided to participate in the layout challenge! It was to use the current fall trends for a layout and I went with teal! I LOVE teal and I absolutely LOVE the way this layout turned out and I put it together in 20 minutes....with two screaming kiddos! I challlenged myself to do it quickly and not overthink it since we were trying to get out the door to walmart! Hope you all enjoy it too!
All my papers and hambly rub ons were from the sweet sue kit oh and the birdie...ok everything was from sweet sue except my sparkly thickers! :D I scrap lifted the hambly rubon idea from virginia tillery! Love it!

Where are the rides??????

Just a quick note before I begin scrapping.  So we took a ride to the fairgrounds to check it out, we pulled up to the gate and garrett asked, "uh where are the rides." The lady replied with, "what do you mean? there are no rides, just the bouncy thing and livestock." At $5 a person! What the heck?!?!?!? Even the small towns that I know of have rides at their fairs!!!!! Guess we won't be going then! BOOOOOOOOOOO!


Thought I would share why I have been MIA lately! Phew! This semester is kicking my booty! The only book missing in the picture is my literature book which is almost as big as this whole stack! Hahaha! Anyway-I have declared today a no homework day, after I finished things up this morning.  I have been hanging out with the family, I am about to work on my layout for the noelmignon layout tag....SO FUN! I have also watched a movie with the hubs of is a pretty good movie.  Also the fair is in town and we are taking the little ones today! Also I took a picture that had me rolling in the floor this morning, it was great! It is below the books!

I actually enjoy the accounting! Good thing since that's my degree I'm seeking!

I was trying to get a picture of jacksons 3rd tooth and he was laying in garrett's lap! hahaha!

Friday, September 3, 2010


So I found a fantastic inspiration of a person today through the community board!  It's Jules the bling princess and you can find her here.  She is giving away 3 AMAZING packages full of goodies! You have got to check it out! I tried to post a picture but I can't figure out how to do that yet! Anyway-make sure you go by and enter to win her goodies! She is leaving it up until the end of september!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


OMGOSH!!!!! I logged on this evening in between trying to study some accounting and do a few posts on my english and history class and what did I find????? Duh-da-DUH a NEW follower and oh my goodness! (hand on cheeks, mouth open here) Who is it? It is none other than NOEL from NOELMIGNON.COM! She is like FAMOUS in my scrapbooking world! I was so excited I couldn't even concentrate any longer on my accounting, folding my book, pushed to the side and had to post this! If you don't know who Noel Mignon is WOW! Where have you been? I found her through my online buddy the ubber talented virginia tillery!  She puts together the most AMAZING kits! I have only purchased two but I have plans to purchase many more in the future...we'll see how the hubs feels about that! Anyway-she alwasy super packs the kits and its like Christmas when you receive and ms. virginia does the cutest little videos every month showing us all what is in them! She has an amazing online community.....noel does....there is a message board where the design team talks to everyone and so does noel.  It's just been really great for me to find her and I just want to say THANK YOU NOEL!!!! The pressure is on now to keep up crafting and posting! hehehe! ;)
So stop by her website at and shop through her goodies, join the online community and buy the FABULOUS kits!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd layout with sweet sue

Oh how I love sweet sue! I honestly wasn't too sure about all the brown, green and teals but it has turned out that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit....let me say that again, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit! There is so much goodness in it I have a hard time deciding what to actually use! Ha! I sat down this afternoon after Savannah rode her bike, jackson played in his walker and laid him down and scrapped another photo.  Wow! I had goodies everywhere! I am really excited about this layout! I was determined to ONLY use items in the kit and that is my use all items in the kit before the next one comes out and before I use anything in my stash! I seriously have a hoarding of scrapbooking supplies issue! Anyway...hope you enjoy and if I can ever figure out how to get my pages on the noel website I will I promise! Let me know what you all think!

I inked the edges of the border with a choc chip ink and I used the green stickles that came in the kit to go over the swirls on the metal sentiment!

I outlined the words family of with a brown sharpie to make them stand out!

LOVE that bookmark and these prima flowers!

Now in all seriousness, I have accounting statements, gilgamesh, reformation since 1660 and some computer applications calling my name! Back to work for me!


OMGOSH! I got my kit from noel mignon on Monday and I have waited to play with it because of my over abundant college course work.  I took some time out last night and played for just a few minutes.  My layout is very simple and clean I was late but I HAD to do something with it! Hopefully I will get more time in the next day or so! Enjoy!

P.S. if any you family members need a christmas idea....gc to or a kit every month for a year would be FABULOUS!!!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally! Some scrappin!

WOW! Cannot believe it has been almost 2 months since my last blog post! Crazy...well my life has been crazy! We have been moving and trying to get settled and I've had jewelry shows and rally.  Not much time at home to get really settled in.  With that said, I worked all day today on our house so I rewarded myself tonight by scrapbooking some.  Two things have come to my attention: 1).  I do not really enjoy scrapping late at night.  2).  It is a challenge for me to scrap boys!  I have been scrapping for about 4 years now and it's been ALL girl.....what a change! I'm still not completely happy with jackson's layout but it's cute! :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching up and moving

Wow didn't realize it's been almost a month since I posted a blog! Until my mom sent me a text this morning reminding me! Hahaha....sorry folks.  It's been crazy busy around here.  The kiddos and I packed up and spent last week with my grandparents.  We had so much is just simplier and quieter there....don't know why that is.  They just are hard working people and there's no time for tv, internet, shopping unless you actually NEED something.  It was great.  I did take my computer and answered a few emails but mostly I just enjoyed spending time with them as my grandpa is 80 and my grandma is 76 I think.  I should do that more often and they enjoyed the kiddos for sure. 

Last night we finished up savannah's tball.  She had her last game, no umpire and everyone batted every time.  The rules seemed to change every single game, glad we won't be part of that club next year.  She did really good though.  Afterwards we attended her team party where pizza was given to the kiddos, a cupcake and trophies!  Then we went back to the field for closing ceremonies where each childs name was announced and they were handed medals.  She was so excited over her awards! Lots of scrapping moments captured for sure!

We are also in the process of trying to move! Ugh! I HATE moving!  I tried doing some packing yesterday and that is more on my list today for sure.  The hubs is off today and tomorrow and he is up there and said he is going to try to finish up the painting today and hopefully they'll get the floors in...they had to rip out the carpet and replace with hardwood floors.  Anyway....enjoying some alone time....listening to cmt, one kid napping and the other is outside with grandpa! :)