Thursday, April 29, 2010

Design Team Challenge! :)

So I found out about a design team challenge i am SO excited about! I could not WAIT to create something for the opportunity! First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cricut and I am finding new ways all the time to use it! :) Over at cricutters anonymousv they are having a design team opportunity and I want to share my project! I made a "lil" purse as savannah calls it with watermelons....I started out making it for the picnic challenge they are having and then when I logged on they are having a bag challenge so my project counts for both!


Used my cricut for the bag, tag and watermelon! :)

turned out cute i think!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's In a Name

What's in a name? There is a new challenge at noel mignon to scrap the meaning of your name....this was fun and interesting b/c I do not take pics of myself or pics where I would be in them! So I used a picture that my friend kori at Irok Images took when I was pregnant with our baby boy! You can find Irok Images on facebook! Check her out! Anyway I used papers, stickers and embellies from the playdate kits, which by the way is sold out! I added some alpha stickers and thickers, which I LOVE, from my stash! I actually enjoyed putting this together and Savannah even pulled out her scrapbooking stuff and scrapped alongside me.  She said, "oohhh mommy so pretty and you have shiny things." That would be the bling from my stash!

I put 2 stickers together here from the playdate kit...sassafras stickers

the pretty things savannah was referring to! :)

Week In the Life: Pulling it together

WOW! Last week flew by and so far this week is doing the same!  I am so excited to start working on my project that I am following Ali Edwards can see her week in review here! So exciting! Like I have said, never done this project before I'm anxious to see how to just get started! I think once I get going it'll be great! I ordered my pics today and expect them in a few days.  It was fairly inexpensive for me to order them b/c I ordered 3 collages so I can cut the pictures apart in all different sizes and then a few 5x7's and some regular 4x6.  I ordered my prints from walgreens....I just love the glossy print and for me they always do such a GREAT job for a very low price.  I think I paid 9cents a piece for my 4x6 to have them delivered! YAY! I LOVE a great bargain!  So, no pictures for today because my kiddos are hollering FOOD! Hope you all have a great day!  Oh-I did manage to get some creativity time in this morning but can't post them because they are gifts! :) I'll post later! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day in the Life: day 7-Sunday

Yesterday was the final day for the day in the life project with ali and this was fun and challenging.  I followed ali edwards as she posted pics from her days and Liz Kartchner too and I didn't take near as many pictures as they did for this project.  However I am inspired and was thinking yesterday I would like to do this project about every 3 or 4 months simply to stay connected with what is going on around me and because my kiddos are little and they are growing SO fast.  Jackson is 3 months old now and his life has just been a if I do this project a couple of times a year maybe I can look back and remember vividly!  It will also give me inspiration and an excuse to scrap! I need an excuse...I just need time! Yesterday was nice we just went to church in the morning, came home to eat lunch, and basically vegged out all afternoon, went back for my financial peace class at church and then home again.  Both kiddos were in bed by 8 and it was GREAT!! This weekend was odd for us b/c we don't typically have 2 full days of lounging and nothing to do.....but I LOVED it!

Savannah was way excited for pics and church...Jackson was less than thrilled!

driving and savannah thinks she needs to pose for EVERYTHING!

scriptures! God's Holy Word!

Grandma and Savannah preparing dinner....she was driving grandma crazy and it was HILARIOUS!

Financial Peace University by Dave's been the best thing for our family!

Our church sign! Love our church family!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day In the Life: DAy 6 and it's Saturday

This was the weather all day
WOW! This week has flown by especially since I have been working on this project! Thanks Ali for the inspiration.  Yesterday we didn't do much b/c of all the we stayed inside to hide and clean.  It was a great opportunity for me to get some organizing done, laundry and just to hang out with my kiddos...which I did.

Jackson: "what you lookin at mom?" (hahaha)

the kiddos next to the pile of laundry i folded and put away! This is what we looked like almost all day!

what is he so excited about? what is he looking at?

Oohhhh....that's what he's looking at! (hehee) It was spinning!

Grandma and the kiddos before bathtime!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day in the Life: day 5 Busy/upsetting day

Phew...i am so glad that Friday is over with.  Didn't take too many pics yesterday.  I was doing my normal thing yesterday....showering, getting ready, getting the kiddos dressed to run to town and run some errands and hang out with a friend....until about noon I got a phone call from my mom that my grandma was in the hospital and that it wasn't looking good.  I have an AWESOME network of friends who just started praying with and for me and God truly is AMAZING and I am blessed....last I heard she was stable and going to be ok.  The kiddos and I are gonna stay home for now and try to go out later in the summer.  The only reason we weren't on the road when she called was b/c we had bad weather like tornadic activity moving in late yesterday through the night and this morning...was trying to wait for that.  God has a reason for everything b/c I waited for the weather I had time to calm down, pray and maybe not have to go. 

On a happier note I took some cute pics yesterday.  Coffee ABSOLUTE favorite thing when I first get up with mr. jackson!  I finally took some bathtime pics of jackson...poor kid he's 3 months old and this is the first bath pics I've taken! Haha. I also took some of him in his pjs....and a pics of mine and savannahs new flip flops we got at hunters refuge! Love flip flops!


new flipflops

                                   so not happy to be in carseat!  

                                                                       packing, thought we were headed to nm

                                                                     new chicken enchilad recipe I tried

1st bath time pic at 3 months

Happy Baby ready for bed!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day in the Life: Day 4

Yesterday was great! We lounged in the morning time, then we went to eat at Larry's Pizza and meet our cousin. I also received my bday from my momma! Great new makeup colors!  We quickly rushed home and Savannah and I headed to Disney on was a suprise for her and that it was.  Garrett came down to meet us and we all had a blast. 

On a different note...frustrating....I can't seem to get my pics on here under my post or where I can write comments...any suggestions?

Included are some fav pics from day 4

Week in the Life: Days 3

So I am a day behind....not sure what happened yesterday.  Oh well. On day 3 which was wednesday....crazy there....We didn't do much.....Savannah worked with grandpa outside and then came in for a few minutes and fell fast asleep.  Jackson actually took a great afternoon nap.  This project kinda lost its momentum for me on wednesday but here are a few fav pictures from the day:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mama Fan!

So I've quickly discovered that when nobody else will be your fan your mama will.  Go mom! As you can see....she's my ONLY follower!

Learning to Ride

I created this layout to showcase our little girl learning to ride her bike this past winter.  I've been holding on to these pictures for whatever reason and when I got the new playdate kit here at noel mignon I couldn't wait to start playing!  I used october afternoon papers, crocheted flowers, jenni bowlin bingo card and some american crafts bling! Too cute! Love this kit which by the way is all sold out! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 2: Week in the life 2010

Today was day 2 in the week in the life 2010...I did pretty good with pictures today. Well I'm impressed with myself. I'm super excited about this challenge and anxious to see how it all turns out! Today we mainly stayed around the house and I had a jewelry party tonight and I took some pics getting ready and packing my stuff....its amazing what a little makeup and jewelry will do for a person! hahaha! I also managed to get some creative time crammed in today! And I read Ms. Ali Edwards post at from her monday and she used her timer on her it inspired me to get my how to book out for my camera and learn to use my timer...maybe tomorrow I will remember to play with that. Here are some pictures from my day! Hope you enjoy!

NoelMignon Challenge

So today is awesome! Yesterday I received my first ever kit from NoelMignon called playdate! It is awesome! I must say they cram pack those kits with tons of yummy goodies! I was so excited to have some time to myself this morning to scrap! They are having a challenge to use 8 was a challenge for sure and I was happy to have that new kit to use for this challenge. I hope they enjoy my layout as much as I do. You can find them at have to say I am very happy with them so far! Thank you Noel! Without further delay here is my layout: "Hangin with Nana" consists of: Jilibean Kraft Cardstock and pattern paper, October Afternoon patterned paper, MME pattern paper, American Crafts gem brad, Lilybee die cut frame, KI Memories border sticker, Sassafras cardstock sticker, Pink Paislee artisan tape.

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Adventure

Ok so still working on this whole blog thing! The above pics are for a project I am following the infamous ali edwards at and the project is a week in the life of 2010.....the challenge is to take pics of every day life every day this week, journal and upload pics to my computer every evening. I did pretty good today trying to take pics of everything....I only uploaded a few to this post. I'm super excited though to be trying this project...I've never done this or anything like it! :) Happy Scrappin!