Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day in the Life: day 5 Busy/upsetting day

Phew...i am so glad that Friday is over with.  Didn't take too many pics yesterday.  I was doing my normal thing yesterday....showering, getting ready, getting the kiddos dressed to run to town and run some errands and hang out with a friend....until about noon I got a phone call from my mom that my grandma was in the hospital and that it wasn't looking good.  I have an AWESOME network of friends who just started praying with and for me and God truly is AMAZING and I am blessed....last I heard she was stable and going to be ok.  The kiddos and I are gonna stay home for now and try to go out later in the summer.  The only reason we weren't on the road when she called was b/c we had bad weather like tornadic activity moving in late yesterday through the night and this morning...was trying to wait for that.  God has a reason for everything b/c I waited for the weather I had time to calm down, pray and maybe not have to go. 

On a happier note I took some cute pics yesterday.  Coffee ABSOLUTE favorite thing when I first get up with mr. jackson!  I finally took some bathtime pics of jackson...poor kid he's 3 months old and this is the first bath pics I've taken! Haha. I also took some of him in his pjs....and a pics of mine and savannahs new flip flops we got at hunters refuge! Love flip flops!


new flipflops

                                   so not happy to be in carseat!  

                                                                       packing, thought we were headed to nm

                                                                     new chicken enchilad recipe I tried

1st bath time pic at 3 months

Happy Baby ready for bed!

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