Monday, April 26, 2010

Day in the Life: day 7-Sunday

Yesterday was the final day for the day in the life project with ali and this was fun and challenging.  I followed ali edwards as she posted pics from her days and Liz Kartchner too and I didn't take near as many pictures as they did for this project.  However I am inspired and was thinking yesterday I would like to do this project about every 3 or 4 months simply to stay connected with what is going on around me and because my kiddos are little and they are growing SO fast.  Jackson is 3 months old now and his life has just been a if I do this project a couple of times a year maybe I can look back and remember vividly!  It will also give me inspiration and an excuse to scrap! I need an excuse...I just need time! Yesterday was nice we just went to church in the morning, came home to eat lunch, and basically vegged out all afternoon, went back for my financial peace class at church and then home again.  Both kiddos were in bed by 8 and it was GREAT!! This weekend was odd for us b/c we don't typically have 2 full days of lounging and nothing to do.....but I LOVED it!

Savannah was way excited for pics and church...Jackson was less than thrilled!

driving and savannah thinks she needs to pose for EVERYTHING!

scriptures! God's Holy Word!

Grandma and Savannah preparing dinner....she was driving grandma crazy and it was HILARIOUS!

Financial Peace University by Dave's been the best thing for our family!

Our church sign! Love our church family!

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