Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week In the Life: Pulling it together

WOW! Last week flew by and so far this week is doing the same!  I am so excited to start working on my project that I am following Ali Edwards on....you can see her week in review here! So exciting! Like I have said, never done this project before I'm anxious to see how to just get started! I think once I get going it'll be great! I ordered my pics today and expect them in a few days.  It was fairly inexpensive for me to order them b/c I ordered 3 collages so I can cut the pictures apart in all different sizes and then a few 5x7's and some regular 4x6.  I ordered my prints from walgreens....I just love the glossy print and for me they always do such a GREAT job for a very low price.  I think I paid 9cents a piece for my 4x6 to have them delivered! YAY! I LOVE a great bargain!  So, no pictures for today because my kiddos are hollering FOOD! Hope you all have a great day!  Oh-I did manage to get some creativity time in this morning but can't post them because they are gifts! :) I'll post later! :)

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