Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A day to blog

  • Hi everyone! I don't have any pictures to add today b/c I have made some submissions for things that I'm not sure I can post yet and some projects I've made for mothers day! So I obviously cannot post those.  I have been working on my week in the life project still and I FINALLY got my pictures today so I intend to work on the project either tonight or in the morning.  We'll see after I'm done on the web!  I also am trying to get my scrapbooking business up and that works is I am making scrapbooks for people who either do not like the hobby or don't have time but like the idea of a scrapbook.  I have 6 orders of which I have the pictures for.  Let me tell you this is a process. I picked the pictures up and started sorting through them and picking out the ones I think I might use.  This has been a great idea for me....I get to do my favorite hobby of all time for extra money and it gives me a reason to get my stuff out everyday! :)  So if you are interested or know of someone who is.....please refer me.  I'm mainly just servicing the people at my church and my friends around the country....b/c I know of a few others who do this service to make money too! It's been great b/c I've just been sending people I know here to my blog to look at my work! Awesome! I hope you all have a great night and hopefully I'll have some new pics to post tomorrow!

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