Monday, May 3, 2010

Nice Day

It's amazing to me how one day mother nature can be so destructive and the next it is absolutely gorgeous outside! I plan to let Savannah spend the day mostly outside today.  I on the other hand am an indoor-sy kinda girl.  Which is ok b/c I have some scrapbooking projects I want to work on for design team calls and such! Yay! So exciting. I'm going to keep working on my week in the life project, speaking of that I checked on my pics today and they are supposed to be here tomorrow.  That's great news!

Today I also started something new...working out! Before 8am I have managed to blog hop and get some amazing inspiration for today, workout, feed the baby and change him and now he's back down for a nap, check and answer emails and have a peach smoothie for breakfast! My new goal for this next year between birthdays is not only to get some experience on a design team and challenge myself creatively but to lose 90lbs! What a quest! I'll let you know in a year how I did and progress along the way!

Enough blogging for now....I wanna work on something for Gallery Idol over at paper crafts magazine.  But to leave you for the day here is some more of my work!

These pics were taking mothers day 2009! Love the layout

This picture was taken on Garretts birthday...Sept 2008...znc i outlined the swirls with stickles...a lot of work but I am happy with the way it turned out.

This was Savannahs school picture fall of 2008!

These pics were of Savannah on halloween of 2008...she was fifi the poodle and she was so adorable! :)

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