Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week in the Life 2010: Final Project

After finally getting my pictures yesterday I got to finish up my pages, pictures and embellishments today.  I did not do the same layout/book as the FABULOUS ali edwards but I took the idea and made it my own this time around.  Mainly b/c I have not had a lot of time to scrap lately so this was a great catapult to get me on board!  It got me thinking creatively and got me to use one of my monthly kits that I hadn't even opened yet! Ha! All I have to do now is put it in an album which I am fresh out of so that's next on my list hopefully tomorrow! Here are the pictures and I hope you all enjoy a glimpse into my life!

This is my first page which is not a particular day...just my family and about the project itself.




Thursday was the BEST!


Saturday was all about lounging!

Sunday! :)

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