Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boo Wall Hanging

CAUTION: Long post! Can't say I didn't warn you! :D

So yesterday just started out as a bummed day! I got the letter that my financial aid appeal had been denied....BOO....said I was not a degree seeking student...really? did you read my degree part of my transcript? Anyway, their decision is final and there is no more appealing or fighting it. Grrrr.....then I was just upset about a lot of other things.  I got on the message board over at noels website and vented and got LOTS and lots of hugs and encourgament from the girls there! Thank you! It was much needed.  When I picked Savannah up from school her teacher was even jumping up and down, she has learned to write her name all by herself and wrote it on all of her papers yesterday! (we had a homework assignment over the weekend to do so and we did).  Not sure if she is the only one that did or what but her teacher and her were beaming when I picked her up. (insert smile here) So, I told her after lunch and naps we would get ice cream. 

In the mean time we all took naps and then I literally stalked the mail man! Like, had my windows open, door open and was standing in front of the window everytime I heard a car.....what was I waiting for you ask? The new SLEEPY HOLLOW KIT from noel of course! (sorry they are all sold out! I think they sold out the first day).  Anyway, I have been DROOLING over this kit every time she did sneaks on facebook or the message board, then again when the full reveal came out and again when the famous ms. virginia tillery did her video reveal...oh my gosh!!!!!!! Now, I am not typically one to be so excited about halloween but there is just a buzz in the air about it and I decided to embrace it and jump on the band wagon! (maybe because I have little people now.) Anywho! I opened my kit yesterday.....O-M-GOSH! I LOVE every single item in the kit!!!!!! WOW! Noel-FANTASTIC job! I usually hoard stuff I love to save for a rainy day but I have been trying not to do that and just use it....that's what I got it for right? Anyway-I only have 2 kiddos so there's only so many layouts you can do with ghosts and goblins and witches.....of course the papers are all double sided so they can be used for other things.....ok...back on track...sorry....so I made a wall hanging because I just cannot force myself to wait for halloween pictures....thus the purpose of this post.  So without further ado.....

I used papers from making memories toil and trouble and other parts of papers....can't remember the manufacturer...sorry...embellishments from pink paislee, making memories, we r memory keepers, and probably others....i used some ink that noel had put in there from s.e.i....love that thing! I also spritzed the bingo card(from jenni bowlin) with some mud pie shimmerz....LOVED that! I really got brave with this and thought outside my box! I think I have a new addiction....halloween decor! :D

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