Friday, October 1, 2010


So I've been blog searching, reading, admiring and I've also found some great inspiration on noels message board and it's had me doing some re-evaluations of myself.  The first thought that got triggered was when I was reading meg's blog about her current birthday.  She set goals for herself last year on her birthday to work on throughout the year.  As I was reading her list I realized I've never made a list or even really set a goal on paper! Sheesh! Then I was on the message board and saw where ms. virginia made a goal poster on a that's where I've been going goals! How sad is that? So, needless to say I am currently working on what my list will be.....I have 7 months until my next birthday and it is a BIGGIE and I am NOT excited about.  So I supposed one of my goals will be to embrace the change. Anyway-wanted to update you all on the current thoughts of my head and check back to see what's on the list/goal poster! :D
I just LOVE this picture! :D It makes me smile!

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