Thursday, October 28, 2010

Muffins and Piles

So I was hanging out with my kiddos yesterday...which by the way I thoroughly enjoyed, I do everyday but there was just something different about yestserday.  Minus the part about Jackson teething he was so whiny all day! Anyway, I typically make my gma's banana nut bread a coupld of times in the fall, yesterday was no exception.  However, I decided to make these instead:
Muffins! YUM-O

Even Jackson enjoyed them!
Then I was sitting there....I glanced over and saw this picture packets.  This is what they look like spread out:

And this is what they look like when I stack them all up! I would say that I am B-E-H-I-N-D on scrapbooking! I actually thought I was pretty on top of everything.....not so much! The sad thing is I have more pictures supposed to arrive at my house on Tuesday next week.....I have got to find time to do some scrapping!

Now this is a picture of all the pages I have done, that have to be placed into an album.....oh wait....I'm outta albums too! Can you guess what's on my christmas list! (besides grown up alone girl time)....ALBUMS! And Ms. Noel....I specifically told my hubby and my mom they can purchase gift certificates from your website!

Anyway-that's what we had yesterday, muffins and piles of pictures and pages! Oh by the way...that was just pictures and pages within reach! And to think I keep adding stuff to my wonder I'm exhausted all the time! Happy Thursday everyone!

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