Monday, October 25, 2010

Same Color Challenge

So here I am again.....after time passes by! I'm not very good at this blogging/daily upkeep thing! I'm really trying, just not as successful as I would like. So today I would like to share with all of you a layout I did for the latest challenge at noel. The new challenge that runs through November 5th I think...don't hold me to that one is about using the same color throughout your layout. I thought this would be easy peasy especially since I had ordered the back to basics limited edition kit....which has sat in my hallway for about 2 weeks completely UNTOUCHED.....GASP....I know right! Not fun! I just could not manage to get any time in to use this kit

sorry the picture color and quality is not very good....not sure what was going on there.....and it is JAM PACKED! As are all of noel's kits!

So now I can't figure out this weird alignment....ok so back on task it was not easy because I LOVE this kit and it's not just black and white it's black & white, cream, a little red, and browns. Well I wanted to keep it all black and white so I did....I also tried to do Virginia's challenge about getting all my favorite things out and just putting them on the page.....I couldn't use all my favorite things...they didn't match! Boo! Hahahaa! Ok so without further adu: sorry about the weird coloring! Maybe I should change the light bulbs in my dining room! Leave a comment and tell me what you think! :D

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