Thursday, October 14, 2010

This woman! The Bravest I know

So frustrating! I had a long blog on here and then it didn't post....GRRRRR! Anyway-over on the Lisa Leonard blog she is doing a giveaway of the Brave necklace.  If you have not checked out her stuff you need to! She is AMAZING! LOVE her fact some of her stuff is on my christmas wish list! So today the bravest person I know is This Woman:

Look at her! Standing, smiling and full of life! Just days before this photo op she was near death, no kidding.  The doc had told her the day before this pic it was a good thing she had been brought in to the hospital.  She was completely dehydrated which stems from a previous surgery she had gone through earlier in the week.  This is my granny....Wennette Jone....she is the bravest person I know because in her lifetime she has lost her mother, her husband, fought and won through breast cancer, cervical cancer, 2 heartattacks, 3 stints, mini strokes on a daily basis and I'm sure much much more...I know back in 95 she was on dialysis for another near death experience.  The woman's resilience is AMAZING and she is a FIGHTER! I don't know that I would be a fighter if I were her!

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  1. what a woman! and what a tribute, that is why I am so very proud of you Shannon...