Sunday, November 21, 2010

Total Slacker/ December Daily Update

Good morning! Ok so I have been a TOTAL slacker these days on the blog front.  I have been so super busy with so many things it's not even funny.  We have been trying to get our house ready for when my grandma comes and I am trying to PURGE and get rid of crap that we don't need, use or want because we have a fairly small house and LOTS of stuff....ugh.  Anyway, this morning I am sitting in the dark, in the quiet just enjoying the internet! Ahhhh.....and my coffee has just finished.  Be right back.......ahhhh, love it! I love my family and all the excitement and busyness they bring....and I also enjoy the quiet moments to myself!

We have been busy here decorating for christmas, yes I know it's early but it seems like Christmas comes and goes way to fast and it is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year! So, since I decorate with fall decorations in September and enjoy them until after Halloween I have decided the past few years to go ahead and decorate for Christmas in mid works for us (or for me which means it works for everyone else too).

I have also managed to get my hubby to take a family picture earlier in the month...went to a professional had them....first time in 4 years!!!!! So I bought LOTS of pictures well not really but I bought the big nice expensive we added some new pictures to the walls yesterday and I got most of my christmas cards addressed and filled and ready to go out.  They will be on their merry way on Friday! :D I am a happy girl!

Among all the chaos I have managed to get ALL my shopping DONE and most of it wrapped and those cards almost finished! I don't think I have been this organized or ahead of the game in YEARS!

Ok-so now....I have also worked on the december daily with ali edwards.  And I have been participating in the form at noel's about logging our daily albums and sharing them.  I could not justify spending any more money when I had tons of stuff on hand.  So I just made my own template, the main sheet in Ali's album for pictures, journalling or whatever.  Then I added patterned paper between every day to do whatever I want to it because I did not have the transparnecies that Ali had either.  I have also found I don't wanna decorate mine before hand.  I think it will take a little more time each day but I like to add that special touch and embellies that match whatever we did or maybe didn't do that day. So I have my base pages done and all my supplies gathered into one container, a new ink cartridge in my photo printer so I can print daily and I am ready to go! I am super excited! This is the first year I am doing this, it's my favorite time of year and my grandma will be here the whole month (and more) but for this project I just think it's special because I will be documenting all the memories we make and I will have them! :D

Here are a few pictures: