Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Boo Wall Hanging

CAUTION: Long post! Can't say I didn't warn you! :D

So yesterday just started out as a bummed day! I got the letter that my financial aid appeal had been denied....BOO....said I was not a degree seeking student...really? did you read my degree part of my transcript? Anyway, their decision is final and there is no more appealing or fighting it. Grrrr.....then I was just upset about a lot of other things.  I got on the message board over at noels website and vented and got LOTS and lots of hugs and encourgament from the girls there! Thank you! It was much needed.  When I picked Savannah up from school her teacher was even jumping up and down, she has learned to write her name all by herself and wrote it on all of her papers yesterday! (we had a homework assignment over the weekend to do so and we did).  Not sure if she is the only one that did or what but her teacher and her were beaming when I picked her up. (insert smile here) So, I told her after lunch and naps we would get ice cream. 

In the mean time we all took naps and then I literally stalked the mail man! Like, had my windows open, door open and was standing in front of the window everytime I heard a car.....what was I waiting for you ask? The new SLEEPY HOLLOW KIT from noel of course! (sorry they are all sold out! I think they sold out the first day).  Anyway, I have been DROOLING over this kit every time she did sneaks on facebook or the message board, then again when the full reveal came out and again when the famous ms. virginia tillery did her video reveal...oh my gosh!!!!!!! Now, I am not typically one to be so excited about halloween but there is just a buzz in the air about it and I decided to embrace it and jump on the band wagon! (maybe because I have little people now.) Anywho! I opened my kit yesterday.....O-M-GOSH! I LOVE every single item in the kit!!!!!! WOW! Noel-FANTASTIC job! I usually hoard stuff I love to save for a rainy day but I have been trying not to do that and just use it....that's what I got it for right? Anyway-I only have 2 kiddos so there's only so many layouts you can do with ghosts and goblins and witches.....of course the papers are all double sided so they can be used for other things.....ok...back on track...sorry....so I made a wall hanging because I just cannot force myself to wait for halloween pictures....thus the purpose of this post.  So without further ado.....

I used papers from making memories toil and trouble and other parts of papers....can't remember the manufacturer...sorry...embellishments from pink paislee, making memories, we r memory keepers, and probably others....i used some ink that noel had put in there from s.e.i....love that thing! I also spritzed the bingo card(from jenni bowlin) with some mud pie shimmerz....LOVED that! I really got brave with this and thought outside my box! I think I have a new addiction....halloween decor! :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

All about Me!

There is a new challenge at the noel mignon challenge blog.  She challenged everyone to scrap their style.  What is my style? I have no idea really! I know that I like pretty papers....and getting some pretty papers usually just makes me smile! I love BLING! I usually scrap with ribbon, rubons, brads, buttons and some letters.  I have recently tried to do things that are not me at all for submissions and challenges and they just turn out bad! So when I saw this challenge today it reminded me that I do have to be ME and reminded me of the reason I started scrapping to begin with.  To document our lives as a family so we can look back at our journey and see where we started, where we've been and sometimes where we are going.  I hope you all enjoy the layout! The sassafras paper, hambly rubons and the big flower and the may tag are all from the sweet sue kit, the flowers, bling, letters are from my stash.  I also tried a new technique on this one and that was matting my letters first! I got the idea from virginia and brit....sorry brit I don't know your link.  I have a new favorite thing to do! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

NoelMignon Challenge

I decided to participate in the noelmignon.com layout challenge! It was to use the current fall trends for a layout and I went with teal! I LOVE teal and I absolutely LOVE the way this layout turned out and I put it together in 20 minutes....with two screaming kiddos! I challlenged myself to do it quickly and not overthink it since we were trying to get out the door to walmart! Hope you all enjoy it too!
All my papers and hambly rub ons were from the sweet sue kit oh and the birdie...ok everything was from sweet sue except my sparkly thickers! :D I scrap lifted the hambly rubon idea from virginia tillery! Love it!

Where are the rides??????

Just a quick note before I begin scrapping.  So we took a ride to the fairgrounds to check it out, we pulled up to the gate and garrett asked, "uh where are the rides." The lady replied with, "what do you mean? there are no rides, just the bouncy thing and livestock." At $5 a person! What the heck?!?!?!? Even the small towns that I know of have rides at their fairs!!!!! Guess we won't be going then! BOOOOOOOOOOO!


Thought I would share why I have been MIA lately! Phew! This semester is kicking my booty! The only book missing in the picture is my literature book which is almost as big as this whole stack! Hahaha! Anyway-I have declared today a no homework day, after I finished things up this morning.  I have been hanging out with the family, I am about to work on my layout for the noelmignon layout tag....SO FUN! I have also watched a movie with the hubs today....book of eli....it is a pretty good movie.  Also the fair is in town and we are taking the little ones today! Also I took a picture that had me rolling in the floor this morning, it was great! It is below the books!

I actually enjoy the accounting! Good thing since that's my degree I'm seeking!

I was trying to get a picture of jacksons 3rd tooth and he was laying in garrett's lap! hahaha!

Friday, September 3, 2010


So I found a fantastic inspiration of a person today through the noelmignon.com community board!  It's Jules the bling princess and you can find her here.  She is giving away 3 AMAZING packages full of goodies! You have got to check it out! I tried to post a picture but I can't figure out how to do that yet! Anyway-make sure you go by and enter to win her goodies! She is leaving it up until the end of september!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


OMGOSH!!!!! I logged on this evening in between trying to study some accounting and do a few posts on my english and history class and what did I find????? Duh-da-DUH a NEW follower and oh my goodness! (hand on cheeks, mouth open here) Who is it? It is none other than NOEL from NOELMIGNON.COM! She is like FAMOUS in my scrapbooking world! I was so excited I couldn't even concentrate any longer on my accounting, folding my book, pushed to the side and had to post this! If you don't know who Noel Mignon is WOW! Where have you been? I found her through my online buddy the ubber talented virginia tillery!  She puts together the most AMAZING kits! I have only purchased two but I have plans to purchase many more in the future...we'll see how the hubs feels about that! Anyway-she alwasy super packs the kits and its like Christmas when you receive and ms. virginia does the cutest little videos every month showing us all what is in them! She has an amazing online community.....noel does....there is a message board where the design team talks to everyone and so does noel.  It's just been really great for me to find her and I just want to say THANK YOU NOEL!!!! The pressure is on now to keep up crafting and posting! hehehe! ;)
So stop by her website at noelmignon.com and shop through her goodies, join the online community and buy the FABULOUS kits!