Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Things about me

I was catching up on my blogs tonight and found this one and so I am doing mine also! :D I LOVE reading Christy's posts from scarlet lime. She is so fun and funky!!!! :D

Ok 10 things you might not know about me:

1.  I was born in Germany. Yep that's right....but I am still a us citizen.  My dad was in teh airforce for about 7 years and when I was born that is where we were.  It is cool to say I was born somewhere else.  i would LOVE to be able to go back there someday and see what's it like although so much has changed there since my little self was there.  Also the hospital I was born in has now closed.  In fact in order to get a copy of my birth certificate it takes an act of congress....LITERALLY...I know...I had to get one a few years ago.

2.  I have some guilty pleasures.  I LOVE the sex and the city series and both movies.  Would love to have them all at my fingertips! I love to watch the bachelor...as much as everyone else hates it and sees no point.  I can live a cinderalla story (usually) just by watching it and it makes me happy! We religiously watch Big Brother....every season. I think we have missed one.  I have no find survivor and I am HOOKED!

3.  I love the quiet! I thought after growing up an only child I would starve for the noise....I love the noise of my family but early in the mornings...in the quiet, in the still, before others awake, I love to have a cup of coffee and sit in the quiet either just sit, read my bible or surf the net.

4.  I am an internet junkie! I love to spend the day on the internet...too much! I LOVE facebook, my blog and others, message boards, my email and just surfin anything and everything. Never thought I would be so into the net, but I am.

5.  I want 5 kids....the hubs...not so much! When we first got married he wanted a whole baseball team...now...he wants only 3.  Not sure where we will go from here but at least one more I think.  Which is kinda crazy when I think about it because...I. am. exhausted.  I am worn out. I need a vacation! hahaha!

6.  Wow...this is hard to come up with 10 things and you have probably already moved on to someone elses blog.  Hmmm..ok I stalk my own blog....I get excited when someone leaves a comment or I get a new follower! It is so fun for me and I just enjoy when someone comments! :D Especially when it is someone I have been "following" and I admire them.....(ahem) virginia and noel! :D They are famous in my little world! :D

7.  I LONG to find MY style in scrapbooking and crafts and to be a part of a design team.  I would LOVE to be a part of something bigger and to inspire others.  I may not have a lot of techniques but I have a few and I would love to share my love for art and creativity with others.  I stay home with my littles and I also think being a part of a team that helps inspire others would help inspire me as a mom and give me the interaction with others that I desire!

8.  I am a HUGE razorback fan....that one may be no secret.  However, I have been to a razorback basketball game and I desire to make it to a football game.  I also would LOVE to go to a Cowboys game....must win the lottery for that one though, first have to play the lottery!

9.  I currently have one application in for a design team and I am working on my submission for another....Keep your fingers crossed.

10.  I recently was able to go to a Jason Aldean concert...wow...that was awesome.  If you are on my facebook page you probably already know that.  He is so pretty....all he had to do was just stand there.  I enjoyed it soooo much....going with my cousin and just hanging out. It was much needed and I wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world! :D

There...phew...can't believe I made it to 10! Please leave me a comment and a link to what you post! Would love to learn more about you! Also when you post some fun facts about you make sure you go back to here so others may see! Hope you have a great night and a wonderful Wednesday! :D


  1. love your list... I'm so with you on quiet morning coffee... Funny... I had this blog background at one time... i loved it, but somehow it vanished and I just picked a new one...
    And I"m with you on blog comments, too... sometimes it seems pointless to be writing into the aether when no one is listening...

  2. Great list!! Razorbacks hu? Do you live in Arkansas?? We might be neighbors! I like how we can "meet" others through blogs like this- it is so much fun!
    I'm the same way! When I get a comment I swear my head swells to the ceiling! ha ha!! Oh and a follower, well, I have to hold myself down! Oh boy, do I need a life???
    bye! Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog!!