Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pages inside my book

So as in a previous post I told you all that I participated in the Proof of Life class with virginia, I wanted to share pictures of my pages. Warning....picture heavy! :D I am really enjoying this little book and I find myself grabbing it to write notes in that I wouldn't ordinarily do.  Like when I find a design team call and what they are requiring, my grocery list or just thoughts I'm having at the moment.

I cut out a piece of the choc chip package b/c savannah and I love to make cookies....wanted this in my book!

ms. V taught us how to make this envelope....I used the butterfly overlay that came in the very virginia kit and cut it down to size b/c I wouldn't use it other wise, cut the reddish paper too and attached a chipboard sticker!

Here i just added the package from the jenni bowlin flowers we got! gives an extra tag and I dropped shimmerz paint all over it so it looks messy.

This was the packaging the ribbons came on....I just liked it and added a brad and viola I have a tag to add things to later!

Here I took Ms. V's tip and I just randomly placed masking tape all over the page and it's kinda transluscent and I didn't do anything to it b/c I liked it and added a sticker and a brad.

This I just stapled a small piece of ribbon and attached a flower from some of the embellies.

I didn't like just the white I took the antique silver shimmerz or maya road mist, dipped a paint brush in it and went on with it.

i wanted buttons!

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