Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

So it's been another month since my last post. My life has been extremely busy and I have not had time to hardly even sit still. We made it through Christmas and yes I did get finished with my December Daily 2010 album and I LOVE it. My thoughts on it was it was kind of a hassle. I know the idea was to enjoy the process and I was MORE aware of things going on during the day with my family but to remember to record it every single day.....kinda like the blog, I'm terrible at blogging and I have always been terrible at keeping a diary, which is why I don't keep one. I have tried. Several times....just not my thing. Oh well, moving on! Christmas was AWESOME! One of the best we've ever had. Lots of food and family and I LOVED it.....however after the DD I am so sick of Christmas papers and embellies it will probably be July before I scrap any of them...which reminds me I haven't even scrapped last years Christmas pics! I am WAAAAYYYYYY behind on my scrapping but as part of my be creative everyday goal maybe I can get caught up some. Anyway the point of this post is we got snow the other day!!!! Holy Moly! Schools are still closed....but because of the ice! My kids had fun and I wanted to share some pics!

Wipe Out!

Savannah threw snow on him!

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  1. OMGoodness how cute are they?!?! LOVE his hat!!!