Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is it really thursday?

This week has been such a blur for me with everything going on! I'm finally back in the internet world after being absent for about a week b/c of our move....and it was just across town. We are still snowed in, this is only day 2 but for someone who grew up in the desert, it is foreign to me! I couldn't leave my house even if I wanted to! And, for the record, I don't really want to. I am seriously enjoying all this lazy, sleep in, stay in your pajamas all day, week! :D It's been great! I took some pictures of the snow yesterday....I'm hoping today I can get savannah out to play in it....when I asked her if she wanted to go out yesterday she said, "I don't think so, I'll be so cold I'll shiver." Hahaha...precisely why I watched it fromt he inside! When I woke up it was snowing, when it got dark it was still snowing!!!! This morning I got up and there is this bright yellowish orange thing hanging in the sky that hurts my eyes....trying to figure out what that is! :D

Snow ice cream! It was Yummy! :D

Today I told Savannah we would work on a puzzle, I will do that and then occupy them with something fun while I try to scrapbook some....I want to scrapbook and I don't want to do it at night when they have gone to's too late for me....

Happy Thursday everyone!

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