Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What kind of person are you?

So, life circumstances lately have me thinking about what kind of person I am.  I am portraying Christ and Jesus' love for others? Can people SEE Jesus through me and my actions? I'm sad to report after looking deep into myself I don't believe so.  I am not the person I set out in this life to be.  Very disappointed in myself now that I think about it.  I'm not a horrible person I don't  think, not mean and hateful not that kind of thing.  But I don't believe others always see Jesus in me by my actions or my words.  I do not share the gospel. 

I recently been "re-connecting" with klove and I am reminded of what my job is as a Christian and a believer in Jesus.  Man I am so far in left field I think I need a bus ticket to back! Talk about opening up for all to see the stains on ourselves. I do not spend my time wisely...that's for certain.

So I challenge you, if anyone is reading this, to look into yourself and see what kind of person are you? What do people see in you by your actions and words? I am going to try to do better and I will fail, and Jesus will forgive me when I ask. He will forgive you too if you ask! :D

In Christ.

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