Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Card Making

Ok so a card maker I am not....but I am trying.  That's why the latest challenge at noelmignon was a good jump start for me! The challenge is to make 2 cards from scraps and to use 1 tool.  My one tool was a stapler....because I made these late last night and did not want to drag my cricut out....but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the goes hand in hand with masking tape and bakers twine.  I even busted out the stamps and ink for one of them. I know my cards look like beginners....but hey....i am a beginner! I have always admired people who can make those beautiful cards and I aspire to be like takes practice and i have just been using all my practice on layouts.

happy wednesday everyone! the sunshine is back today and i am a happy girl!

Oh and i used the dear diary kit for these! :D


  1. your cards turned out fantastic!! thanks for joining in on the challenge!

  2. I like it! I struggle with cards too so I usually buy mine at Hallmark! I save my goodies for layouts and minibooks!