Monday, April 4, 2011


The holy moly is for a few things: first it's been a month since I have sorry about that...I have been crazy busy around here and things are not quieting down.  The second thing is you have GOT to go check out the latest kit and some of the limited edition kits left over at noel! :D I do not have the newest kit yet but I am hoping when there is money in our budget again there are a few left...I did however get one of her limited edition ones last week and I CANNOT WAIT to tear into it.  The other thing is have you seen my friend Virginia's blog? She has MY name on her blog...right there! Big as day! OMGosh! I have no idea how I found her...cannot remember for the life of me and I WISH like heck that I knew her in person! She has got to be the sweetest and one of the most talented people I have "met."  The new challenge at noel's is to lift someone from the message board and SHE lifted ME! What an HONOR!!!! Thanks V! I think she is just absolutely amazing....any time I have any scrappy questions or party planning questions she is so nice to answer and point me in a direction she would go.  She always encourages all of us over on the board and she is someone I look up to as a scrapper! I really do admire her as a mother and scrapper...she is so real, so humble, she loves Christ and shares that, so artistic...she wows me every time I read her blog or see something new! :D So this is my "ode" to Virginia! Thank you so much for "lifting" me.....I really am honored...and honestly almost fell out of my chair when i saw this! :D  (muah and hugs)

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