Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alabama Tornado Relief

My heart has been heavy over the past week after the tornadoes did so much devastion in alabama! We suffered some demolishing in our state too but nothing like it was to our neighbors.  I have cried a lot and I don't have much connection to alabama....just with a few sweet friends I have met online through our wonderful hobby of scrapbooking.  And I am so GRATEFUL God has placed them in my life. (V you have no idea how much inspiration you give to me.)

Anyway my sweet sweet friend Virginia is having a sale over on her blog.  She has made some mixed media canvases that are TO. DIE. FOR! I would love to have them all.  And the most amazing Noel from donated some awesome stuff for her to raise money.  Please, if you can help in ANY way stop by her blog and pick up something special or just give a donation.  I have put in a special order myself! :) I fully trust in Virginia to make sure the right people get what is needed and some who may be overlooked otherwise.

Thank you in advance for your love and donations! :D

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