Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Goodness

Yesterday was my birthday...ugh...the big 3-0! I did enjoy the celebrations though. i think i will post pics tomorrow of that....however it was a week long celebration, sort of! I had a box arrive weds that was a beautiful afghan that my granny made me! i have waited my whole life for that thing and i cherish it with each stitch made with love! then on thursday i received this beauty:
from my mom!
today i ordered the tape that goes in it and i am dying to use it!!!!!!

my in laws came for the weekend and brought me 5 crosses for my cross wall....something i'm currently working on.  then my mother in law took me shopping, without children, for scrapbooking stuff....and then got starbucks!!!! what a treat! i picked out all but 2 things from tim holtz....i did not know that was my style but i am super duper excited to use those new goodies!

then yesterday on the actual day, my mil and my daughter made me a cake, they shampood my carpets, we lounged, i got jewelry, my hubby did some of my honey-dos and then we went to dinner and was a great day! :D

i hope you all have had a happy monday! i'm off to feed the littles, bathe them, put them to bed and get in some much needed scrappy time for myself. :D

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