Thursday, June 9, 2011


So many things have been going on in our lives the past week.  For those who don't know, we had some friends' whose son fell from an 8ft. ladder slide into the pool, onto concrete.  This happened last saturday afternoon and he has been at childrens hospital ever since.  There are 2 daughters too, which we are taking care of while mom stays with boy and dad goes to work.  I am more than willing to care for them and i have enjoyed having them here.  They are such good kids whose world has been turned upside down and thrown into a situation where they are having to adapt to also.  It's been challenging for them I'm sure.

I find myself with my heart full of hurt for my friend.  She is hurting and has so much to deal with and there is nothing i can do except pray....which is something tremendous I know, but as a human being there is more I wish I could do.  He is ok for the most part.  He is alive.  He cannot walk, cannot put arms above his head, cannot hold a toothbrush and doesn't even know what one is.  Some of his memory is gone.  His right eye is lazy and will probably have to wear glasses.....but these are all things that can be dealt with.

we were at dinner last night and i found myself thinking of my friend, and looking at my own children and found myself overwhelmed with gratefulness. My children are healthy and can do most things. And then I found myself feeling guilty because I was grateful.

All of this to say, I made myself a gratitude journal.  I decided I needed a place to write down bible verses that are meaningful to me as a parent, as wife, as a woman.  I needed a place to remind myself of all the gracious things God has given me when I am overwhelmed with motherhood, when I feel like my children are rotten, when I've had a bad day.....I need to have a place to remind me of all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for! I found this idea here from the FAB Virginia Tillery! I just love her!
And here is my work in progress:

I used brown paper lunch bags to make this mini! :D And a mixture of delightfully domestic and mary ellen kits from noel mignon!

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