Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life Lessons

God has been speaking to my heart a lot lately.  It's crazy how you can be involved in situations around you and God uses their circumstance to teach a lesson.  I find myself standing in amazement and in AWE of my God a LOT here lately.  I find comfort in knowing he is always right there waiting for me. 

My friends child is still recovering from the swimming pool accident that happened almost 2 weeks ago.  I have watched her hurt, cry, be angry, frustrated....almost every human emotion possible and all I can do is pray for her.  Which can speak volumes don't get me wrong but the human side of me wants to DO something to fix it.  It breaks my heart when another friend/mama is hurting because her child is hurting and there's nothing even she can do.  I cannot say I know what she's going through or that I even understand, but rest assured that I definitely am learning how blessed I am that my children are currently happy and healthy. 

She is struggling with his anger/violent stage, which has got to be wearing on a mama's spirit to say the least.  I spent a few hours with them this afternoon, and although he did not have a full blown episode I got a small dose of what she's been dealing with.  She is one patient mama, God bless her is all I have to say.  She speaks sweet and calmly to him, when she is really crying out inside.  She is consistent when it would be easier to give in to his demands.  She has a smile on her face when I know she would love to sit in a corner and cry. Or at least I know I would.  I know she has her moments in tears but honestly, GOD bless her because she has been keeping most of it together for the sake of her kiddos.

I made a little something to hopefully just brighten her a day a little and give her some encouragement from God's word.  The idea started with a perpetual calendar kinda turned out into a little booklet....but there are 24 bible verses on each page.....and each page is full of thoughtfulness and prayer...

So next time you have a friend who needs a smile, a pick me up or just some encouraging words from THE WORD try making one of these:

These are just a few pictures!

Count your blessings, love your babies and have a blessed night!

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