Friday, June 3, 2011

Lost in the hustle and bustle

I have been so bummed not posting lately! :( We have just been crazy busy with graduations, babies, end of preschool, finishing up soccer, tball and getting things prepared and filled out for all the necessities for kindergarten. The kickoff to summer was memorial day weekend and we spent it with some great friends after church! It was great! Now we are in full swing of Barbie Rockstar planning party.....that has taken up most of my time the past few days as I am trying to make Savannah's 5th birthday extra special! I have the invitations done and I hope to post pictures later....we are having real life barbie come by to see the kiddos.  She is going to do a photo opp with the kids, play games and spend some talking to them about how beauty on the inside is what's important....since so many kids play with and look to barbie! We are having stars hang from the ceiling of our screened in porch, the kids will make some frames to put their autographed picture of themselves with barbie in and then Savannah asked if her friends and her could decorate their own cupcakes.....hope everyone enjoys it.

I have given up on housework today. My in-laws are coming to keep the kids because I am going with a friend tomorrow to walk in a 5k to benefit youth kids. I'm super excited and starting to think ahead to try another one later....but to jog it. I may start training for that! I cannot remember the last time I was so excited about working out and working for something! Back to the housework, every time i pick stuff up and clean the kids drag back i've given up....i'm taking my friends attitude....."if you are coming to visit with me, great....if you are coming to see the house, make an appointment." I do try really hard most days and today is no exception but I'm in a weird place right now and I can't figure it out.

This too shall pass........

I will leave you with a few pictures from some fun times! :D Hope you all have a fun filled summer beginning weekend!

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