Monday, June 13, 2011

Time with the Father

I am at a loss for words......every day I look forward to reading Ann Voscamps blog and just to be quiet and still at the moment.  The music is beautiful and brings me to the verge of tears. every. single. day. There are times when I read the same thing more than once a day, just to hear the beautiful music and be in the quiet, in the stillness of the day and just be.

Yesterday was a wonderful day to worship the Lord. Oh my gosh. Words cannot express the gratitude i felt in my heart just to be in the Saviors presence twice. and all day.  We have a wonderful church and I really learned soooo much yesterday! Our church teaches and preaches line by line in the bible and I am being fed soooo much.  I find myself yearning to spend more time in the word every day.  Every day I fail at that though and I am working on making more time for my Father.

When the day is long, hot, wearisome, busy, chaotic, loud, messy, short......whatever, i can find rest in my heavenly father and know that he is WAITING on me to spend time with him! How awesome is that? There are people in our lives that we long to spend time with and with the busy-ness of life there isn't always time but you and I can rest assured that our heavenly counselor, friend and father is waiting on YOU and ME.....for us to spend time with him....HE is always there, always makes time for us and longs for us to find HIM and just be, in his presence. 

What a mighty God we serve!

Have a blessed Monday!

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