Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily

Ok I officially am not very good at this blogging thing! Ugh! No matter how hard I try.  However, I do have this new obsession with journaling so maybe this will help me.  I have discovered the importance of recording thoughts, feelings and memories in general.  With the passing of my grandma a few weeks ago and the wounds so fresh still it is deep on my mind.  I had a chance to read over the few pages of a journal she began and I read through my grandpa's journal and it was very inspiring.  I am encouraged to start now b/c I don't want to wait until late in life to begin.  I want my kiddos to be able to read about our life while they were growing up.  The happy times, the frustration and all that goes with it. 

No onto the december daily album.  Last year was the very first year I did and I swore I would not do another one b/c for me it felt like such a chore to write, record, take pics and post every single day.  However, again after losing my grandma I decided to go ahead.  You see last year she spent a little over two months with us and the very first day in my journal was the day we left her house with her to come home......memories.....and it just reminded me how very important it is to record these special times because you never know when those important and special people will be called home.  So, when we returned from my grandma's funeral, after being in new mexico for 2 weeks I needed some creative time to just let go and I created my album.  I hope you all enjoy it....I only have the one picture and I probably will not post daily pics on here b/c I'm just not very good with that! :D

Happy week to ya!

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  1. Love the cover! I know some people say they don't have time to do these albums but I think they're so important to pass onto our kids. My kids looove looking through past December Daily's I've made...and me too :) I was just looking at mine from 3 yrs ago & it just made me smile to look at all of the memories. Good luck with it!