Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Delightfully Domestic Kit

So I CANNOT seem to put this kit down! I am LOVING it! :D I made another layout today about my friend who has recently moved but she's been my bestie for about 10 years! :D LOVE her! These are not normally colors I would use but I love how it turned out. Meet my crazy friend Sara!

I also busted out the cricut! Love the's a new cartridge and I used my cricut to make those stars. I have been looking for a star punch and can't find what I was looking for and I had a cartridge this whole time that would make them just how I want them!

Card Making

Ok so a card maker I am not....but I am trying.  That's why the latest challenge at noelmignon was a good jump start for me! The challenge is to make 2 cards from scraps and to use 1 tool.  My one tool was a stapler....because I made these late last night and did not want to drag my cricut out....but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the goes hand in hand with masking tape and bakers twine.  I even busted out the stamps and ink for one of them. I know my cards look like beginners....but hey....i am a beginner! I have always admired people who can make those beautiful cards and I aspire to be like takes practice and i have just been using all my practice on layouts.

happy wednesday everyone! the sunshine is back today and i am a happy girl!

Oh and i used the dear diary kit for these! :D

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scrapbook Day

So I tried to post this earlier and my computer decided to act retarded. It has been a gloomy and rainy day all day so what better thing to do than to scrap!!!! I got out the Delightfully Domestic kit and dug in! Here are some layouts I did! :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Delightful Day Here

So my day started out as a bummer day! Then the new kit from arrived today! Delightfully Domestic!!!! OMGOSH! I could seriously get lost in this kit for hours!!!! HOURS I tell you! So here are a few pictures!

I see in my near future: feed kids, baths, play, beds, bachelor and catching up on survivor all while diggin into Delightfully Domestic! :D

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I know...not a creative title at all but I couldn't really think of anything! It's been a great week full of family time! My hubby told me this week I could have a whole day to do whatever I want.....WHATEVER I want....all by myself. I told him I wanted to spend my time with him but with 2 kids that's not really possible yet as they are littles.  The thought of going shopping somewhere was a totally awesome idea until I saw the price of gas! Sheesh! And I am one of those people that enjoy someone else to tag along if you are shopping. Doesn't matter for what, just enjoy the company. He said I could have this day because I never get yesterday afternoon I decided I would set up our bedroom into a scraproom haven....lock myself in and scrap all day, nap, surf the web, whatever I want. I may regret I do not know what my house will look like when I come out and I may have more work moving things back to where they belong. But for now, I'm going to get the oldest ready for school and enjoy the day! :D

Happy creating today to all of you! Do something fun! Do something for you!