Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Saturday

Good morning Saturday! I have been up since 2:30 am! Very frustrating I might add! But it's probably because I went to bed around 8 because of a migraine....however, if I don't get some more sleep I will be dealing with another migraine! At this point though I have to stay up b/c we have soccer in a few hours! So....another trip to the coffee pot I go and then back to the computer to browse!

Soooooo......the REASON for this chipper blog post is because I have a very BIG announcement! (drum roll please.....for effect....) If you noticed I have a new BLINKIE on the sidebar.....*ahem*

I was accepted as a NEW DESIGN TEAM MEMBER FOR TWISTED SKETCHES!!!!!! Can you feel my excitement? No? Check your pulse!!!!!!

I have really enjoyed emailing back and forth, getting to know Anam!!!!! The GREAT creator! She is so sweet and I am very much looking forward to working with her and the rest of the Design Team! Right now she is only announced the team on her facebook page but on Wednesday you can find the whole team with our work on the Blog!!!!! So hop over and welcome the new team! I'm off to get more coffee and browse their blogs! :D Leave everyone some love! :D

Happy Saturday!!!!!! (did you check your pulse?)

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