Friday, April 27, 2012

Sewing? or maybe not?

So, have you seen how so many people are using their sewing machines on their layouts? I have taken notice and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! The problem you say? Well, I can't sew! I mean I got my grandma's sewing machine when she passed last fall and I tried to sew on a mini album and......are you ready......(shhhh i broke the needle) GASP! I know right?!?!?!?! I don't know how to replace and I got frustrated so I just put it up. :( So I have to get my "sewing" technique another way......and here is my layout:

See.....from far away you would NEVER know I used a pen!!!!!! I used Noel Mignon's May Kit Jack and Jill for this....(sorry it's all sold out but I hear she has a waiting list and about to open up more subs!) Anyway-I typically do not scrap photos like this b/c it's not a "perfect" picture of the 3 of us...but more times than not this is what I get so I scrapped it! This was me and the kiddos on Easter morning! Anyway-back to the sewing...I just used THIS  favorite pen of Christy Tomlinson which is also MY FAVORITE doodle pen! And I have a new love for butterflies and stars???!!! Go figure! That bottom pocket came in the kit also and I wasn't crazy about the front and wasn't sure I would use it so I just flipped it over, misted it and added some embellishments and then tucked away some journaling....easily accessible by pulling on the tiny clothespin! Which is Adorable! So go ahead and try some "sewing" if you dare!!!! (I'll stick to what works for me :)

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