Saturday, July 7, 2012

Post 2 for today!

Hey I'm on a roll! LOL....anyway I told you I would be making a schedule and we will try it out this next week and I may re-arrange or make some tweaks....but I wanted to share what will be a normal Saturday post! I participated for the first time ever over at CSI-Color Stories Inspiration with case file 26! You have a Scene, the scheme, the evidence and the testimony! Every month there is a prize up for grabs too! Debbi is amazing over there! Anyway you still have time to participate in the case file 26 but hurry the deadline is tomorrow!

Here is mine:
This picture of Jackson was perfect for this challenge! His shirt, the background were all the colors requested! And for extras: Savannah spilled sprite on the table right before I took this picture and got the add of sprite right in the middle at the very top! Sweet huh!

Anyway-make sure you pop over there and check all the submissions! Those girls are FULL of talent!