Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Friends for Life

So as I mentioned the other day, we are currently in "move across the country mode."  It's a stressful time in our house, but at the same time it's exciting as we are trying lots of new things as a family. It also contains a great deal of sadness as I realized this is the longest we have been in one place and the longest in any state! We had some friends, some of our best friends come down last weekend to send us off with well wishes. I LOVE them so much! And I started the documenting stage of that visit....scrapping one page! LOL....I have LOTS of pictures to scrapbook but this one I am sharing today is one of the cutest! Its a Shelby, a Jackson, a Minion, a Minnie and a Mickey kinda day! AND I participated in Creative Scrappers sketch 220! LOVE LOVE LOVE this sketch! Did I mention I LOVE this sketch? I also used the Boardwalk Kit from Noel Mignon...which is sold out but there is a limited edition one if you would like one that's similar! Hope you all enjoy it! :D

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