Friday, August 17, 2012


WOW! Summer is coming to an end! So sad. It's been a crazy and busy summer....N O T H I N G like I had planned. Visions of my summer included daily swimming and the occasional nap and snack in between. THAT'S IT. Not at all that way. It's the same thing I tried for last summer that didn't happen so I guess I will try again next summer. Eventually....eventually I will get there! Anyway-today I'm linking up with life rearranged for insta fridays! Here is a recap from our week

I took the littles for a picnic at the park and they loved it! 
I went shopping with one of my besties on Saturday! Had so much fun! LOVE her! 

We got FREE starbucks! It was well worth the drive to get! So yummy!

I found this HUGE box of poptarts that at first I thought was a GIANT pop tart....but its just a GIANT box of 48 pop tarts. What a bummer b/c it would be really cool to actually have a GIANT pop tart. 

We went to the part for some fun play time with friends.....

they refused to stop for a picture....don't they know me by now?

They did manage to talk Tabb into getting on the merry go was GREAT!

Child training bible! I'm slowly working on this......will be so good for all of us!

We went to open house.  Savannah LOVES her teacher and she keeps asking me how many days until school starts. I think she is ready! 

Jackson found a Buzz book in the reading nook. 

And Savannah made herself at home in her new classroom! 

What was your week like? Link up and tell us all about it......

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