Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st

HAPPY DECEMBER! I'm so excited the holiday season is upon us! It is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year! Stay tuned for some scrappy projects in the works..... :) Sorry it's been a BUSY week! I'm going back to work in a week and this whole past week was spent getting the job! :D In the meantime here are a few fun photos I've taken over the past day or so......

ps he was the WORST santa ever! Savannah was so upset he didn't ask her or let her tell him what she wanted! And he NEVER smiled the whole time we were there....blah! Oh well...

found this FAB tree at the community center and J man WOULD NOT cooperate for a picture! 

And I am in love with this photo! the end. 

Oh AND did you see THIS blogpost????? LORI W over on the Paper Issues Blog featured MY DECEMBER DAILY! I shrieked and yelped and almost fell off my chair when I logged on! (hahaha) I know I'm ridiculous but it was SUCH an honor! THANK YOU LORI! :D 

Ok, little one in the tub then off to bed...tomorrow morning will come early. 

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