Saturday, December 15, 2012


I hope you are all having a happy December 15th day! Especially after the tragic events that happened yesterday in Connecticut.  How horrible and tragic for those families. I don't know about you but I know for me I hugged my kids a little tighter last night and just at the sight of them after a school day brought me to tears.  I hope that I stay in the "more" appreciative state for them and remember yesterdays events when I start to get frustrated or stressed. I LOVE my babies and my heart hurts so bad for all those families who will never see their children again.

Would you like a happy post now? I did go to my friends last weekend and we had LOTS of scrapping going on! It was soooo much fun and I already missed her when I got home Sunday night!!!! It was definitely needed too! I made the comment to her though that I had expected to get more accomplished than what I did.....5 layouts for an entire weekend of literally....after dinner Friday night we got busy and you could not find her kitchen table until noon on Sunday and Friday we were up until 3am! Her husband was so kind to let me know if there was less talking and more hand working then I could have gotten more done! Bwahahahahaha! I love Alan! He is so great for Michelle and I am so happy for them! (that side note was free!) Anyway, it really didn't matter because I scrap alone all the time so it was so nice to have my bestie to chat with. Ok so here are a few pictures from the weekend....some layouts....I need to photograph the others and I will work on doing that today!!! I have had a scrapbooking hangover this week! LOL....literally Monday I could not hardly function and the rest of the week is kind of a blur....hmmm....ok here are the pics:

This is of me and my guys on a church hayride! and the banner along the bottom is actually the cover page from a halloween kit I had.....My Minds Eye I believe....:) 

Insert the mess! Doesn't it look fun?! Let me just say I am NOT a clean scrapper!!!! I make a mess as you can tell b/c this is my mess and to the right of this picture is a nice neat pile that Michelle was working on! 

And you CANNOT scrap without sweetarts! I have discovered that recently....they are so YUMMY! And buttons.....oh buttons! 

I am biased I KNOW but this is one of my most favorite layouts I have made in a while! I started with an idea and kept adding layers! I wanted it super girly and that's what I got! This is a picture we took while doing our family photos in October! LOVE my guy! 


  1. I love your layouts!!! Your scrap space looks like mine!!! I think we'd scrap good together :)

  2. I am a messy scrapper too, love your layouts.