Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Canvas Art

Happy Tuesday to all! It's a happy day in my world! Hehehehe! I also realized this morning as I was looking through some pictures that I never shared some canvas art I made for my friend!

She has a thing for sunflowers b/c it was something special she shared with her grandma.....so I thought this was a good idea....and she seemed to think so too! What do you all think?

Also-did you know it was NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY????? I did not know that! I had pasta on the menu for tonight for dinner but I'm thinking I will change that to pancakes b/c we all LOVE them at our house! YUM!

Hope you have a great day and eat some pancakes today!

Friday, February 24, 2012

This or That Challenge!

So every month there is a THIS OR THAT challenge over on the BRAND NEW NOEL WEBSITE! Oh my gosh it is GORGEOUS! Noel and Jason have done such a great job! It is beautiful and the more time I spend on it the more I learn to use it....like anything else in life I suppose! Right? Anyway, she has a new thing starting yesterday but I think there are a few kits left but she is doing subscriptions! No more waiting or wondering when your kit will arrive or if you will be able to get one! They will automatically shape on the same day every single month! Isn't that awesome?!?!?!?! I sure think so! I was hesitant at first but when my hubby and I had a budget talk I had to negotiate this into the monthly budget! LOL! It was not something I was willing to give up! Ok so back to the original plan of this post! The CHALLENGE! Virginia Tillery was soooo kind as to give us a choice to give up either our tape runner or our paper trimmer? I would rather not give up either to perfectly honest! But....alas....I gave up my tape runner which actually turned out ok for me b/c it aloud me to hide a journaling spot easy! Here is my take on the challenge:

 I used decorative tape from KI Memories, masking tape, stickers, thickers and borders! All from Noel Mignon February kit!
Here is where I hid the LOVE tag....so easy with tap behind my pic!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day!

Hope all of you are enjoying your monday! We had a snow day around here and played! Then we came in, ate lunch, watched a movie, made some cards and now one is napping, all while keeping a fire going all day long! It has been soooo nice! :D Here are the cards I made for hubby and my kiddos using Noel's charm school kit! Hurry there are some left!!!! I have been dissecting this kit like nobody's business!!!!!