Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here we are....another week almost gone and it snuck up on me! Actually I have been dealing with traveling and sick kids. UGH....that's the worst having a sick kiddo! But all is better around here now thank goodness! I'm hoping everyone is on the mend.

I am stopping in today to share a layout I did recently! Hope you enjoy it!

I used the last Noel Mignon kit :D I had so much fun playing with papers, making the banner, the stickers and buttons and all kinds of goodies! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week In The Life.....Epic Fail

So last week was an Epic Failure for me! Which comes to no surprise that I do not do project life. I'm just not programmed that way! It's a nice thought in theory but I just don't do well! I like to just take pictures when the mood strikes, scrapbook and now blog about it.....oh well....maybe I'll try again later....who knows. I'm excited to see everyone who actually did participate though!

Today I am sharing some junk journal pages I did for a swap over on the two peas board.  They are very plain for my taste.  It was my first swap like this to participate in and I had a really hard time creatively with them. I'm not sure why....I just had a mental block and it may be because I do my pages based on an actual picture.....that's my starting point.  So to create something for 9 other people with nothing in mind is kind of challenging! I will probably end up sprucing my up when they come back to me....we shall see.

These first two are for the traveling one....not really sure why I participated in this one b/c we don't travel.....I should have done the summer one....oh well. 

This one is for FAVORITE time of year! And I just realized when I took this picture that tag looks very plain BUT it has 3 stripes of colored washi tape and a leaf glued on there to give it some dimension! 

I hope you all enjoy your day! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Under the Weather

Hi y'all! I'm still here...sorry I haven't been posting pics from day in the life...I honestly haven't even taken very many pictures....may have to do this week again later. Anyway I'm just not feeling really great right now and I wanted to let you all know I'm here...hopefully I can get back to some normal-ness soon. :(

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Funday Monday!

Sounded good anyway! Sounded like a great way to approach the new week! We are just hanging out today for a few reasons....and lil miss starts dance today! So excited! (she is anyway).  My lil guy is up with me this morning and he is so cute....he goes to the window, opens the curtain and says "you see that (as he points outside) it's time to get up." He was referring to cute!

Anyway, today is the day for the BIG  .....Week in the Life with Ali Edwards and she gives some really helpful tips to help through the week! I'm super excited to do this project again, we have some changes going on in our family so it will be neat to document some of them....I almost wish this project was next week or the following....oh well...maybe I can do it again! After today this weeks posts will contain photos from the previous day and maybe some of the lists I want to include....

I thought I would share a layout with you today also.

My mom snapped this picture of me and my lil guy.  We were out having some family pics with my mom and J man said cheese! I love lil snap shots and tidbits like this :D 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Make sure you make it count!

Friday, September 6, 2013

TGIF-well they all run together for me!

Happy Friday! Do you have any big plans? I have plans for hanging out with my kiddos! Tonight we are planning a movie night in!!!! We haven't done that in a while....Love those lil guys!

So you may have noticed I forgot my post yesterday! ACK! Sorry about that...things were hectic here yesterday morning and then I was gone all day at a friends house scrapbooking and then back home was CRAZY! So today I will post 2 pictures!!!! :D (lucky you lol)

This first one is of my girl at her birthday party! I actually used my cricut to cut out the 7 from some Bella Blvd paper.  MME enamel dots...thsoe are so fun and washi tape! What project from me would be complete without washi tape! 

This is a selfie with my bestie! We met at a town thats about 45 mins from each of us one day...sure wish we did that more often! Anyway-we chatted while the kids played and just caught up on life and it was wonderful. I MISS her sooooo much! :( I'm hopeful she can come soon to hang out with me! :D 

In other news did you see where Ali Edwards is doing her annual Week In the Life project? Have you ever participated? I did one time and that was in 2010 and honestly the only reason I haven't done it since is b/c I didn't see the blog post for it.  I'm noticing it's different every year and this morning I was catching up on the blogs I follow and it caught my eye! THANK GOODNESS! I enjoyed this project so much b/c it gave me a glimpse into what I did all week. She has giveaways each should play along!!!! 

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Hug someone that means something to you! :D 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Hump Day

It is already Wednesday! Can you believe that? My days here lately are just flying by! I think I need to re-prioritize because I'm not doing everything I want to get done in a day! WOW!

Anyway-have any of you gotten to be scrappy lately? I have a few things I have started on but not finished.  I'm hoping to get some scrapping done either today or tomorrow!!!! (It's my day to cook at church today so I don't know about scrapping.....have to make a cheesecake and some chili).

I do however, have a page I made a while back that is in my pile of pictures I took the other day! AND I got a new NoelMignon kit yesterday and OH MY GOODNESS! Cannot wait to dive into that!!!!! It is the Miss Nelson kit ....sorry all out of stock...I thought she had one left...but she does have some of the coordinating PL kits that would be fabulous for cards, home decor projects or to add to some scrapbooking pages! Check it out!

Ok so here is my layout for today:

Speaking of project life....this was the start of my version. I don't do PL and you can see why! This was January for us...I decided I would do a collage of our month and January was as far as I got!?! It's now September and I couldn't tell you what we did 2 days ago.....but I did attempt something different. PL or any form of it is just not for me I don't think. I have tried several different ways...maybe one day I will find a way to make it work. We shall see. 

I hope you all have a spectacular Wednesday! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome September!

Good happy Tuesday morning to y'all! Phew! Holy Moly is it REALLY September? Where in the world has time gone? If y'all find it make sure to let me know!!!! We had a fun filled weekend with visitors, visiting, cleaning, shopping and today I am recovering! I did FINALLY manage to get some pictures, cropped and edited so I could start back to my regular posts on here! I was going through the pictures of my recent layouts and a few of them I really like and a few of them lack "something."  Do you ever feel that way? At a second glance it doesn't have the look or feel of what you thought it once did? I may need to go back and change a few of them.

Anyway-well today I thought I would start you off with the silliest happiest face on the planet! (or at least I think so). This lil guy just makes my heart happy! He is so FULL of personality and keeps me on my toes and laughing on those days I didn't think I could know what I'm talking about?
See what I mean? Full of personality! This was one of the best pictures I could get on Easter but when I went back through my camera it just made me smile. He makes this face often! I got really brave with this layout! I used stencils, sprays, inks, my cricut, a gold pen for doodling, rub ons....I mean I used a little bit of everything!!!! I also got all the supplies or most of them from I think either Noel Mignons April or May kit....

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Hopefully I my life isn't too crazy tonight and in the morning and I can blog again! :D 

ENJOY your day!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

STAY TUNED.............

So the other day I told you all that I would post some layouts....well I took a bunch of pictures to kind of post every day this week and for the next week and so on.....but do you know what? Apparently I took them CROOKED! I couldn't not edit them straight!!!!! We have been going non stop like crazy lately so I'm hopeful that mid morning I can "retake" those pictures and get some posted. I am so sorry!!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Happy Tuesday morning all! It has been a CRAZY few months!!!! I hope to get back to a regular blog routine ASAP! Today will just be a few pictures of our was half laid back and half busy! We finished up with softball, nana came to visit, birthday parties, horse shows with friends, pictures, swimming, playing the wii, you get the idea! Now we are back to school and lovin it!!!!! Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Well good Morning All! Happy April! (wow really?! April?!)

Anyway-I have been seriously MIA because I was working, taking care of kiddos, Christmas came, my mom came, sports started.....etc. The list goes on and on. BUT hopefully after this current week, changes coming this week, things might start to get back to normal....whatever that is.  My point: I hope to get back to blogging regularly!

This morning I would like to share 5 layouts I did this past week for the Noel Spring Fling Crop that Noel and the girls on the design team hosted this past week.  The Grand Prize?! A GUEST DESIGNER SPOT!!! Oh man! That really is a DREAM!!!! I have desired to be a part of the team for a few years!!!! I just hope my work is worthy of the team and NOEL..... I got my layouts in just in time!!!!

Here they are:

Monday challenge: Journaling prompt. It's Spring when the bicycles come out. 

Tuesday challenge: Ombre effect. I used washi tape b/c it's my favorite! 

Wednesday challenge: Make your own flowers. This are so whimsical to me?! Are they you? My title says This Boy. I had so much fun with this layout....splatters of paint, whimsical flowers, frayed edges....just me. 

Thursday challenge: Rainbow. I had fun with this one too! The top I sprayed with mists and let it run straight down and THEN we had this wonderful chevron printed paper in the new Melrose kit! 

Friday challenge: Spring Cleaning. I used 4 kits to make this one...good example of how versatile Noels kits really are!!!! I used some paper from Virginias class she did, the bees knees, primrose and homespun! Oh and that gold polka dot star is from I used 5 kits!!!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A heart of Worship

Wow. This morning I am overcome with so many emotions.  I got some rather difficult news to digest yesterday.  Should have been a day of celebrating and rejoicing with family and it turned into some devastating news. It is a hard blow to take.  I went to bed alone, didn't have the heart to be with everyone.  I woke up alone, not really "feeling" worship time or the Father or the desire to go to church and worship Him.  And yet, I sit here alone in the quiet listening to the music softly play here.  Ann Voskamp has a way with words and a way that brings me to my knees and flat on my face before the Father.  Reading her blog, she is so inspiring with how she turns us all back to the Living Word for guidance, direction, comfort, stress, anger, everything.

So as I have sat here with tear filled eyes for the last 30 minutes, I am now broken and ashamed that I had even a fleeting thought of skipping church to wallow in my self pity.  I will get up from the computer in a few short minutes and get myself and my family ready for church and we will go worship the Father and praise Him and Thank Him.....even when the times are difficult and seem unbearable to do so. He loves us.  He will protect us.  We may not think so but He will do what's best for us all in His time.

I pray you have a blessed day and worship the Father wherever you are.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Most Favorite Project of 2012

So I've almost missed the deadline but I am linking up with Paper Issues to showcase my favorite project from last year. Yes I already showed my top 10 for 2012 but my MOST favorite would have to be......

I used a Heidi Swapp Mistable file folder and sprayed it up with my favorite colors! LOVE the bright colors it has and this picture of Savannah and her teacher is adorable! I ADORE our teacher.......:) She is one of my FAVS! :D Simple but LOVE it....I also love that I was able to print off the sheet of favorites for Savannah to fill out....(it was from a challenge over at Noel at the back to school crop). So This folder holds my favorite papers or most unique from girls first grade year and right on the front is her cute lil handwriting! :D 

Have a GREAT weekend! We are celebrating the little man turning 3!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Good FRIDAY MORNING! Today I wanted to link up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged and post from my insta-gram photos over the week! I have been following her for a while and for me on Friday's it's hit or miss......and this morning as long as I'm quick I have time to post! YAY me!

I have been soooo BUSY this week! Have you? Here are snippets from my week starting from last Friday!

last friday's breakfast at work :)

My mom and I started playing scrabble on a daily basis when she was we have moved to the scrabble app and still play every day! 

I got to go to an all day crop this past weekend! I met some ladies that live in my area that do this ALL. THE. TIME. How did I not know about them? They are all so amazing!!! I have decided that I just love them and they are all soooo sweet!!!! Thank you girls for including me in your group, I feel so blessed. 

Happy mail! ('Nough said.)

We had a snow and ice storm hit in the middle of the day in the middle of the week and it was a MESS. But pretty :) 

WE ARE ON IT! Back to basics, back to budgeting, back to our goals and back to changing our lives! 

Have a great day! 

life rearranged

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rainy Day

Good morning y'all! I have been away from blog world because my mom has been here and I've been working and Savannah has kept us SUPER busy! Holy moly who knew one person could keep an entire family so stinkin busy! Oh well! Anyway, I will try to get some stuff posted either tomorrow or Friday because I do have some projects I made over Christmas that I have not yet posted about! AND.....dun dunna dun........ I have found a group in my community to SCRAP WITH! I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!! Saturday is an all day crop and I. AM. GOING. My mother in law offered to keep my kiddos, it's in town and it's FREE! I just have to bring my stuff and a snack food and all is good. SO EXCITED! Did I mention I am excited? I haven't gotten to scrapbook since my weekend to my bestie's at the beginning of December....I am having SERIOUS withdraws!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!