Sunday, January 27, 2013

A heart of Worship

Wow. This morning I am overcome with so many emotions.  I got some rather difficult news to digest yesterday.  Should have been a day of celebrating and rejoicing with family and it turned into some devastating news. It is a hard blow to take.  I went to bed alone, didn't have the heart to be with everyone.  I woke up alone, not really "feeling" worship time or the Father or the desire to go to church and worship Him.  And yet, I sit here alone in the quiet listening to the music softly play here.  Ann Voskamp has a way with words and a way that brings me to my knees and flat on my face before the Father.  Reading her blog, she is so inspiring with how she turns us all back to the Living Word for guidance, direction, comfort, stress, anger, everything.

So as I have sat here with tear filled eyes for the last 30 minutes, I am now broken and ashamed that I had even a fleeting thought of skipping church to wallow in my self pity.  I will get up from the computer in a few short minutes and get myself and my family ready for church and we will go worship the Father and praise Him and Thank Him.....even when the times are difficult and seem unbearable to do so. He loves us.  He will protect us.  We may not think so but He will do what's best for us all in His time.

I pray you have a blessed day and worship the Father wherever you are.

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