Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Funday Monday!

Sounded good anyway! Sounded like a great way to approach the new week! We are just hanging out today for a few reasons....and lil miss starts dance today! So excited! (she is anyway).  My lil guy is up with me this morning and he is so cute....he goes to the window, opens the curtain and says "you see that (as he points outside) it's time to get up." He was referring to cute!

Anyway, today is the day for the BIG  .....Week in the Life with Ali Edwards and she gives some really helpful tips to help through the week! I'm super excited to do this project again, we have some changes going on in our family so it will be neat to document some of them....I almost wish this project was next week or the following....oh well...maybe I can do it again! After today this weeks posts will contain photos from the previous day and maybe some of the lists I want to include....

I thought I would share a layout with you today also.

My mom snapped this picture of me and my lil guy.  We were out having some family pics with my mom and J man said cheese! I love lil snap shots and tidbits like this :D 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Make sure you make it count!


  1. Very sweet page! It's always nice when we're in photos with our kiddos. :)

  2. What a great page, I loved your photo too!

  3. I am excited to see your progress with Week in the Life. I thought about doing it, but got extremely intimdated. Maybe next year...Super cute picture of your son!

  4. Very pretty, I love how you used the border strips!