Monday, September 16, 2013

Week In The Life.....Epic Fail

So last week was an Epic Failure for me! Which comes to no surprise that I do not do project life. I'm just not programmed that way! It's a nice thought in theory but I just don't do well! I like to just take pictures when the mood strikes, scrapbook and now blog about it.....oh well....maybe I'll try again later....who knows. I'm excited to see everyone who actually did participate though!

Today I am sharing some junk journal pages I did for a swap over on the two peas board.  They are very plain for my taste.  It was my first swap like this to participate in and I had a really hard time creatively with them. I'm not sure why....I just had a mental block and it may be because I do my pages based on an actual picture.....that's my starting point.  So to create something for 9 other people with nothing in mind is kind of challenging! I will probably end up sprucing my up when they come back to me....we shall see.

These first two are for the traveling one....not really sure why I participated in this one b/c we don't travel.....I should have done the summer one....oh well. 

This one is for FAVORITE time of year! And I just realized when I took this picture that tag looks very plain BUT it has 3 stripes of colored washi tape and a leaf glued on there to give it some dimension! 

I hope you all enjoy your day! 

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