Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Coming Back

Good morning friends! Or Happy Hump Day! I've really been thinking about life, my family and memories I want to remember and it's got me into seriously thinking about how I do things and wanting to change that.  I am by no means a writer, a professional or anything of the sort BUT I do however want to get back into blogging and writing to remember this crazy journey we call life.

I've been digging into research on several things and ways to document life.  I, of course, will continue to scrapbook and I promise to work harder at sharing those pages on here.  I think I will work on a loose schedule of writing and I say "loose" very loosely b/c we all know me and how I keep a schedule! Haha! I'm thinking maybe if I sit down a few days a week and write them out and schedule them in advance maybe, just maybe I can stick to it better.

Anyway-we are starting some new things around here and I will be sharing those as we get closer to it and what we are doing and how.  Please share and invite your friends and join me on the journey! Leave comments and such b/c I LOVE hearing from all of you! :D

For now-I will leave a picture with really good friend Kayleigh got married over the weekend and asked me to take her wedding photos! I was shocked and honored! I tried to get her to really get a professional but she wanted me! I sure hope I lived up to her expectations! I quickly learned the pressure I put on myself was all on me though and not her.  She sent me a few ideas via facebook but mostly she wanted me there, to not be in her face, just ready to click when she said "I want this!" She was the boss and it worked out great for me! I've got to get busy editing those pics but here is one of me and her and few of my favs!

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