Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week In The Life: Day 3

Slow and steady.....I had 33 photos from my camera today and several on my phone but I had a sick baby today :( So there was lots of snuggling going on.  I did manage to capture some things going on around I was inspired to do by Ali Edwards. She amazes me every day at her thought process b/c there are tons of things I never think to the leaves changing and falling....yes they are beautiful and its my most favorite time of the how many times have I stopped in my tracks to take a picture? Or thought to take my camera with me to capture something I drive past every single day and see the pure beauty in? Never. Until today! I always think about what a beautiful place I live in and how pretty the seasons are but I never stop to breathe it all in and capture it and document so my kids can look back and really SEE where they grew up....not just remember but SEE. I'm learning a lot this week.

breakfast this morning...cinnamon rolls just sounded good. with coffee of course: looks like that cup was almost empty though 

Savannah's closet as of now. (in serious need of organization) 

J and G at the table this morning, having conversations before school 

Ok now we're talking! There is the refill: I needed to change into a to go cup b/c we had a bad night and that coffee had to travel with me to school drop off! 

In S's room all day long while she is at school. You can find him here almost every single day all day until she comes back home. 

Me: On the phone with my mom for almost 2 WHOLE hours! Not even sure what all we talked about but it was long overdue! 

Bright tree in my neighborhood. 

Leaves changing and falling in my yard! 

Pumpkins we got at the patch over the weekend....I actually just love this picture I somehow managed to get.  I am LOVING playing with my camera angles this week! 

Leave me a comment of your week and I'll drop by and give you some love! (leave me some too!) 

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