Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the Life Day:1

I am following along with Ali Edwards in a Week In the Life 2014! I did this project a few times but it's been a few years and decided this year was perfect to play along! I will say it has pushed me back into using my DSLR which I am thrilled with! I usually just use my camera phone but I have had my canon out all day long. I have carried it, set it on the counter with the timer, etc....I'm excited to see what the week holds.  It is not a typical week for us though b/c it's halloween with LOTS of festivities and LOTS of makeup soccer games to finish the season this week...but I will be excited to see what we are doing.

When I uploaded my pics from my camera I was just shy of 100 photos for day 1! WOW! I was impressed and I will not be depressed if I don't even get close to that the rest of the week! I'm usually gung ho on day 1 and then fizzle towards the end! I got a variety and I actually tried not to edit ANY of them b/c I want it in the REAL HERE AND NOW!

Here is the link to Ali's post for today! Come play along! Here are a few photos from my day! Happy Week In The Life!

This lil cutie woke up at 5am....I was not ready for it! 

It's PUMPKIN season and this is my FAVORITE coffee cup right now b/c it's big and it's just the perfect mug! 

Not sure what's up with this face but it was Pajama day at school for Red Ribbon week! :D 

These two were snuggly today after Jackson got out of preschool. He said, "mom she wants to hold me!" So I let him hold her. 

Dinner at the table....burger king because it was 7:45 when we were finally headed home for the night and I was EXHAUSTED. 

I hope you had a great first day! Leave me a link in the comments and I will come check out our day! 

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